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Break free from old patterns to find peace, freedom and clarity

Join Lyza as she channels Divine Energy and Guidance to a Live Audience each month. Attend in person or tune in via live stream or replay to experience an incredible sense of reconnection, peace and fulfilment from this gifted, globally-recognised spiritual healer, teacher, medium and channel.

What is Divine Guidance?

We have all had experiences where we felt we were being ‘looked after’, or where we were guided to do certain things which led us to a place of peace and happiness. 

Whether you refer to this as Love, God, Source, the Universe, or your guardian angel, the Holy Spirit or a relative who has passed on, this feeling of Divine Presence can be a profound source of comfort and guidance.   Sometimes the pressures of everyday life can lead us to lose touch with this powerful and important presence leaving us feeling disconnected, alone, lost or despairing. 

During Channeling Divine Guidance, renowned spiritual healer, teacher and channel, Lyza Saint Ambrosena shares a beautiful energy and wisdom that  reconnects you with this beautiful Divine presence that flows through us all and exists all around you. 

These sessions can be intensely powerful, even when attending online. During and afterwards, you’ll notice a profound uplifting shift of deep emotional healing and connection to your deepest truth and sense of purpose.

We’re all channelling Divine Guidance at different times but our busy daily lives can diminish our access to the messages coming through. These uplifting and transformational sessions will show you how to reconnect with your own infinite wisdom, your infinite love and your own Divine Guidance.” - Lyza Saint Ambrosena

Attend in person, tune in online or empower your journey when you watch replays of the channeled events and allow yourself to experience healing, reconnection and a deep peace during these ongoing, uplifting sessions. 

Become a member of Channelling Divine Guidance Global Experience and access our online library to continue and enhance your journey. Reconnect with your own Divinity, your own intuition and guidance, your own truth. 

"It's your time to shine, love, heal, grow, begin. You have a message, a gift, it's your time."

See you on the other side,

with love,

Lyza Saint Ambrosena 


Attend a Live Event

These Channeling Events are held each month on the Gold Coast, in Queensland Australia and in locations throughout New Zealand, North America and other Australian States.

Join us as part of the Live Audience for your chance to experience the beautiful presence of Lyzas healing guides who walk, talk and function interacting with audience members during the channel.

It's a humbling experience to be a part of such heartfelt, life changing discussions between audience members and 'The Guides' (channeled through Lyza).  We watch before our very eyes as a member of the audiences whole demeanour softens, heals, glows and lights up after their interaction with 'The Guides' through Lyza. 

Many are changed both in person and online by their supreme loving intelligence and care. A gift from the divine loving oneness that we are all a part of. 

"My personal experience from attending the Divine Channeling events with Lyza is one of Healing Insight and Restoration. I find my Spirit is uplifted and and revitalised. The information and love that comes through is soft and tender, confirming the endless Love that the Universe is made of and freely imparts to all.  Thank you for being the clear conduit that is required for such a vibration to reach us. Love and Grace

Glenys Randall, Brisbane

Lyza channels a Divine presence that is, without question, here to support the transformation of human consciousness into a new dimension where love and integrity are easily and gracefully achieved. The energy is tangible and can be felt by those in the room and is transmitted through media (sound and video) to people globally. Sometimes the energy via video is more profound and transforming than when it was first recorded live.  It is truly a remarkable phenomenon.

LOCATION: 382 Tamborine Oxenford Road, Upper Coomera (North), ONLY 5 MINUTES from motorway; EXIT 57 (Oxenford) Right Opposite Charles Crossing Road North.

TO ATTEND: Call Lyza on 0400 005 741, Cameron on 0414 714948

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