Distance Session

What is a Distance Session? We connect online to shift and heal old emotional patterns so you feel lighter, happier, able to accept or move forward in the areas of your life you may have have felt stuck in. Many clients have regular monthly or fortnightly sessions for ongoing emotional, spiritual and energetic support. We could call it Soul Coaching. supporting your growth as you create the life you love and become your infinite potential.I’d love to book My Distance Session with Lyza Now 

We connect online for regular sessions to

  • Heal emotions
  • Clear unconscious patterns
  • Restore faith in yourself and God, Source, the Universe
  • Clear Blocks to Success and Happiness
  • Open your pathway to co-create a beautiful life with love, ease and grace.

These potent, powerful, transformative sessions can make a huge difference especially when you are going through a change in your life. Career, Relationships, or Grieving of a passed loved one.A natural resonance occurs between as soon as you give permission for us to connect energetically and work with you on all levels. I literally see the emotional blocks in the cells of your body.  I  can often see, feel, and taste situations that may have caused pain, fear or panic in your past that are activating now in your present life unconsciously keeping you stuck( often we are gently protecting ourselves in these situations from having to feel the pain of old emotions from the past). It is our role, together to release these, compassionately and clear them for you to feel safe now and move forward freely, clearly and openly, fully expressing yourself as the heartfelt gifted person you are. Clients from all over the world are benefitting from these heartfelt uplifting sessions.

I’m wishing you so much love and success and I’m so looking forward to being a beautiful part of your awakening and healing journey soon.