Heart of Women Weekend Retreat

Let's Rest, Heal, Flourish and Shine Together

October 8th,9th,10th 2021

Are You Ready For Life Changing Soul Nourishment?

From Friday evening to Sunday afternoon

October 8th,9th,10th 2021

Private Retreat Centre in Numinbah Valley - 40minutes from The Gold Coast, Queensland.

Retreat Includes - Full Retreat Programme Hosted by Lyza Saint Ambrosena + Accommodation + All Meals 

Sometimes as women we yearn for rest, nurturing and Soul Healing. We long to disconnect from the chaos so that we can reconnect to what's truly important.


The Heart of Women Weekend Retreat is designed for you to Rest, Heal, Feel, Flourish and Shine.


Throughout the weekend I will share my techniques & guide you through many soul nourishing sessions:-


**The Art Of Reconnecting To Yourself & Nature**


**Understanding How To Put Yourself First**


**Boost your self-esteem and self-confidence to be able to connect with other women in deep in meaningful ways**


**Learn sacred meditation techniques to help heal and cleanse outdated patterns that no longer serve you**


**Beautiful sound healing sessions & experiences to nourish the soul and help alleviate stress & tension**


**Yin Yoga & Qi Gong for Beginners & Advanced**


**Learn the powerful nourishing five Tibetan rites techniques to feel energised empowered, centred and strong & to turn back the aging clock**


**Meditations & Energy Healing**



Plus so much more


Bring your female relative (over the age of 19) along with you to the retreat for 1/2 price when accompanying you to the Heart of Women Retreat.

I’m so looking forward to seeing you there, with love,


Our weekend together…tell me more...

  • Life Transforming rituals
  • Soul Nourishing Healthy Food
  • Learn Sacred Methods for Soul Connection
  • Relaxing Yoga for beginners and advanced,
  • Meditation for healing, reconnection and manifesting
  • Sound Healing
  • Rest, Healing and Life Transformation
  • Develop your Psychic Intuition & Abilities
  • Soulfull Practices to Awaken you into your soul again
  • Energy Healing & Reconnecting to your Intuition
  • Restorative personal life-affirming experiences

Beautiful Words from Beautiful Women

"I met Lyza about 5 years ago at a sound healing I attended in Burleigh heads, since then I've joined in meditations, women's circle and a very special women's retreat with beautiful sisters. Lyza came into my life when I was in great transition, her unwavering support and fierce encouragement is always with me. Lyza is an anchor in my life and her love feels like home.

Even if it's long between hugs your are received with an open heart like time doesn't exist, Lyza is a wacky, beautiful, intuitive and powerful healer ♡"

Joyce Wylie

"When I first saw Lyza give a display of her healing abilities a number of years ago, I was spellbound by her intuition, deep connection with Spirit and her love of humanity.

Since then she has lead me though a path of healing and awakening both in her healing room , workshops and events.

She exudes love, joy and always fun. If you are looking for a safe pair of hands who will walk you out of the shadows into the light and guide you to your highest potential, gently and lovingly, then this is your girl! ❤️"

Breege Brennan

"Unconditional love & zest for life!! comes straight to mind when I think of Lyza. She has helped me immensely and embraced me with her angel ???? wings...from healing session,
retreat to women’s circle..I feel lighter, brighter and back behind the steering wheel of life now because of her ????????
Lyza is authentic, approachable, kind & caring. With her uplifting positive energy she totally makes you feel at ease in her presence. I would highly recommend ✨????‍♂️✨"

Natala McKinlay

Our Next Retreat

Join myself and other women on our sacred journey home to the centre of our hearts and wisdom.

ACCOMMODATION : Accommodation provided or you can camp if you wish to create your own private natural oasis

DELICIOUS VEGETARIAN MEALS – Healthy,  Nutritious meals provided, Gluten Free and Vegan food also available, Please let us know in checkout.

YIN & RESTOTARATIVE YOGA Gentle Relaxing Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga for beginners and advanced Yogini's

MUSIC Beautiful Musicians join us for gentle Sound Healing and for live intimate concert, you can feel free to receive or join in.

QI GONG Ancient Healing Movement for Deep Connection

MEDITATION Guided Healing Meditation journeys through your weekend

MINDFULNESS – Conscious, Awareness and Energy teachings

NATURE TIME – visit waterfalls, bush walks, sacred river

SILENT TIME – to reconnect within

SWIMMING –Natural pristine river ~ swimming optional

JOURNALING TIME – Healing journal coaching for inner awareness opportunities

MASSAGE ~ Gentle Healing Head and Foot Massages Optional

RECONNECTING to body, mind, soul, nature and each other.


  • TIMES: Arrive any time after 3pm Friday to settle in, you can arrive after work if that suits you best, however its nice to take the afternoon to orient yourself to the surrounding nature and enjoy Yoga at 5 pm and Dinner at 6 pm, though if you are arriving late, say 7 pm Friday evening, we can save you dinner. Our Official program completes at 3 pm on Sunday afternoon.
  • WHERE: Numinbah Valley, near the Natural Arch


Heart of Women Retreat 6
Heart of Women Retreat 2
Heart of Women Retreat 4
Heart of Women Retreat 3

Sometimes we need a break away from our normal routines and those who surround us to REAWAKEN and BE INSPIRED by others, ourselves and everyday life.

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About Your Host

Lyza Saint Ambrosena has inspired generations of women and men through life-transforming courses, retreats, techniques and energy healing sessions.  

Paving the way to an awakening spiritual journey, Lyza has helped hundreds to deeply reconnect with their intuition, personal presence and peace. 

To find out more or book in for one of Lyza's personal healing sessions before or after 'The GIFT' click here: Healing