The Longevity and Wellness Retreat

Join Lyza Saint Ambrosena, Cameron Monley and Master Yang

NEXT RETREAT: 25th Feb to 3rd March 2021

Experience and Embody Longevity techniques to extend and enjoy the passionate, healthy, vibrant, Life of your Dreams


Share both Ancient and Modern tools and techniques to extend your life naturally, holistically and easily.

You can't control genetics, but there are plenty of things you can do to increase the probability of living to a ripe old age.

This is an experiential live in retreat for 7 days of Learning, Experiencing, Embodying and Embracing Techniques and Life Skills to support you with living the most passionate, healthy, vibrant Life of your Dreams

Gold Coast Longevity & Wellness Retreat

Thursday Morning at 7am Feb 25th

(If you are living in you can arrive the evening of Wednesday the 24th)

through till Wednesday 3rd March 2021

7 Days

Sky Temple, Wongawallan, Behind The Gold Coast in the Tamborine Mountain Range

The retreat programme will teach you how to:

Build your Chi: Principle Life Force
Balance Your Hormones
Prevent Dementia
Heal Diseased, Aged Organs
Live Pain Free
Build Self Love
Heal and Build Relationships
Use Secret Taoist Internal Energy Alchemy
Heal Mental and Emotional Trauma
Meditate for Life Extension


Suitable For: 

Both beginners as well as experienced participants who would like to take their healthy life practices to a deeper level.


Your Hosts & Retreat Facilitators: 

Learning directly from Lyza, Cameron and Master Yang Zhen Hua Yang

Learning from Master Yang is a very special experience .
His cells and genes are imbued with a legacy energy, that is hundreds of years old.
Master Zhen Hua Yang, gate-keeper of the Yang Mian family system,
an integrated energy system possessed and practised exclusively by successive
generations of the Yang family (Sichuan, China) that can be traced back some 400 years in time.

Prior to the death of his grandfather Master Yang discussed his wish to bring these practices,
that had remained a secret within their family lineage, out to the public.

His grandfather must have agreed as he now has a busy schedule teaching all over the world,
dedicated to sharing his knowledge to help and benefit those who are passionate about
opening themselves up to the power of healing and longevity from the inside out.

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Yes! I'm in

DATE:  Feb 25th to March 3rd 2021

WHERE: Gold Coast Hinterland – 45 mins from Gold Coast




Reserve Your Space Now with a payment plan option

Experience & embody longevity techniques to extend and enjoy the passionate, healthy, vibrant, Life of your Dreams

Regain Your Natural State of Well-Being


Stay Positive

Clear, Balanced Mind

Live Without Pain

Find Yourself In The Flow

Heal Relationships

Build Relationships

Clear the Past

Move your Body


Stay Active

Hormone Balancing

Qi Gong

Our retreat is an Alcohol & Drug free week.

Bring your beautiful soul ready for a wonderful Wellness, Longevity & Anti-Ageing Retreat




LIVE IN OPTION: arrive wednesday evening any time after 3pm ready for an early start thursday morning at 7am

STAYING OFF SITE: Arrive thursday morning at 7am for beginning of Retreat.

COMPLETE 3PM WEDNESDAY: After 7 days of reconnecting with ourselves and nature we head home feeling blessed and blissed.


  • Healthy, Nutritious meals for 7 days of the retreat, with vegetarian options included.
  • Full programme of Wellness, Longevity & Anti-Aging retreat with Master Yang, Lyza Saint Ambrosena & Cameron Monley


You can choose to attend the retreat only, in which case you drive to the retreat centre each day or

You can choose the live in retreat option which includes accommodation.

Accommodation is 1 x single bed in a share room.


  • Toiletries
  • Sunscreen
  • Swimsuits
  • Beach Towel
  • Walking Shoes
  • Flip Flops
  • Warm jacket or scarf or poncho 
  • Yoga gear
  • Relaxing Trousers for Qi Gong & Yoga
  • Yoga Blanket / Scarf for relaxation time
  • Yoga mats are provided unless you would prefer to bring and use your own
  • Beanie - maybe night time
  • Sunhat - maybe day time
  • Instruments if you have some
  • Water bottle
  • Deck chair
  • Your favourite journal and colouring pencils, pens etc.
  • Crystals, scarves, books, cards or special items to enhance your spiritual connection

Once you have booked your place, a confirmation email will be sent with all the details you require.

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About Your Hosts

Lyza and Cameron

Your hosts Cameron Monley and Lyza Saint Ambrosena have run over 350 heart-opening events through their INFINITE CONNECTION EVENTS including retreats, meditation evenings, gatherings with multiple guest presenters from all over the world. They teach Mens and Women’s circles, healing circles and sacred energy teachings.

Their presence is infectious with the spirit of love, goodwill and fellowship. Each of them will be teaching within the retreat offering heartwarming wisdom and tools to ignite your spirit and guide you into expanding your own re-connection with your own Source of light, love and wellbeing, Health and Longevity. We all want to live the best version of ourselves forever.

Lyza is an experienced International Healer, Mentor, Teacher and Soul Guide and Cameron’s background includes 20 years in the outback as a policeman in aboriginal communities and as an entrepreneur in the Health and Wellbeing sector, he now gives back through his events and men’s work and has worked to bring Communities together for over 20 years.

Your Hosts are married life enthusiasts and influencers who love everything that brings them closer to the sense of oneness that flows through all things, including nature, the divine, and our hearts.

Hence the name the Infinite Connection.

How To Book

EVENT  DATE:  25th February 2021 to 3rd March 2021

WHERE: The Sky Temple, Wongawallan, Gold Coast




Contact Cameron on 0414714948 or