Conscious Loving Couples Course

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Your 12 week online programme to encourage Fulfilling relationships

Take Your Relationship to the Next Level

Deepen, Heal, Forgive, Transform, Reconcile, Refresh, Rejuvenate, Harmonize

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Course Costs: $997 one off payment or $397 for 3x monthly payments

Why Take The Course?

  • You may be happy in your relationship but are looking to create an even deeper connection. 
  • You may be ready to take a fresh new relationship to a deeper level and want to see if you both are compatible long term.
  • You may even be single and wanting to deepen your own relationship with yourself to attract a clear, conscious, wonderful life partner. 
  • You may be experiencing deeply stressful emotional turmoil in your relationship but you are both avoiding the pink elephant in the room. 
  • You may be fearing that you, or they, are sabotaging your happiness by not truly trying, when you both may simply not know how to take your relationship deeper because you have not had a ‘successful’ relationship modeled to you.

The emotions that can arise from being in an intimate relationship can include wonderful heartfelt, beautiful, enlightening emotions when approached openly, vulnerably, honestly and clearly without codependence, however other emotions that can start to arise when faced with intimacy can include...

  • Fear of loss
  • Jealousy
  • Fear of Abuse
  • Cold Shoulder Tactics
  • Addiction to things to avoid intimacy in the relationship
  • Verbal or Physical Abuse
  • Narcissim
  • Victimhood
  • Overdramatising
  • Control

(If your parents or former partners sought to control or be controlled or engendered any of the above fears, then we may consciously or unconsciously begin to mimic one or another personality traits because it was what we learned, what feels safe, or comfortable or normal within an intimate relationship)

These stressful emotions can seem insurmountable and we imagine them to be real or the FAULT of our current partner.  This is why it is imperative to learn how to uncover and address our unconscious beliefs about self-worth, emotional pain, grief, abandonment and intimacy. Especially learning how to transform this pattern or change the unconscious sabotaging behaviours. These are some of the tools you will be learning and using during the course. 

Some of our unconscious behaviours can, in fact, directly sabotage our current relationships. Often we are aware that we are sabotaging a relationship, new or old, but we are not aware of how to stop the sabotaging behaviour we are displaying, such as an addiction, or angry uncontrollable outbursts, or overwhelming weakness.

It is remarkable to note that the apparent  “stress” or ‘issues’ in your current relationship may, in fact, have no foundation in the present situation.  It can be entirely possible that old experiences from past relationships are unconsciously creating “stress” or “issues” in your current relationship. 

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Course Costs: $997 one off payment or $397 for 3x monthly payments

This Course Is For You If...

  • You’re wanting to experience more emotional intimacy with your partner but not sure how to change the dynamic you are both in?
  • You’ve ever felt like you are unconsciously sabotaging your relationship?
  • You find it hard to keep a relationship once you have found a relationship you genuinely care about?
  • You’re finding it hard to move on emotionally and mentally from an old relationship?
  • You can’t figure out why or how you’ve recreated your parent’s relationship dynamic within your own relationship?

These old experiences and expectations from past relationships or from childhood can come out in unconscious behaviour that subtly or not so subtly undermines your current or new relationship. This is when we see patterns forming in our partner that our old partner or father or mother used to display. 

Somehow our own unconscious behaviour, or expectations, based on these old patterns, encourages those behaviours (from our ex-partners or parents) to arise in our new partners.  

Some of our unconscious behaviours can directly sabotage our new relationships. Often we are aware that we are sabotaging a relationship new or old, but we are not aware of how to stop the sabotaging behaviour, such as an addiction, or angry uncontrollable outburst, or overwhelming weakness. This Conscious Couples course is packed full of remarkable techniques and tools to clear, heal and transform your life with your partner. When you are all in, and you’ve given it everything you’ve got, and you're ‘sticking to the program’  there are no regrets.

Your Hosts Cameron and Lyza

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Lyza and Cameron have run over 300 heart-opening events through their INFINITE CONNECTION EVENTS including retreats, meditation evenings, gatherings with multiple guest presenters from all over the world. They teach Men's and Women's circles, healing circles and sacred energy teachings.

Their presence is infectious with the spirit of love, goodwill and fellowship. Each of them will be teaching on the weekend retreat offering heartwarming wisdom and tools to ignite your spirit and guide you into expanding your own re-connection with your own Source of light, love and wellbeing that we all share.

Lyza is an experienced International Healer, Mentor, Teacher and Soul Guide she has counselled thousands of clients, including couples. Cameron’s background includes 20 years in the outback as a policeman in aboriginal communities and as an entrepreneur in the Health and Wellbeing sector, he now gives back through his events and men's work and has worked to bring Communities together for over 20 years.

Your Hosts are married nutters who love everything that brings them closer to the sense of oneness that flows through all things, including nature, the divine, and our hearts. Hence the name the Infinite Connection.

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There are many layers and there are always more opportunities to surrender more deeply into trust, love and peace.    


Other Peoples Experiences

Lyza has helped us immensely! Especially as a couple. Lyza has helped us with everything from releasing heavy mother issues, self-doubt, old ex-partner hurts, and even as far as helping us to communicate with our beloved dog who had passed over, bringing much-needed peace and understanding to my heart.  There is no problem that Lyza cannot shed light on and help you to resolve either yourself or with her own healing hands. Sharing this experience with your partner only opens and strengthens the existing bond you already have, while learning to help each other with any issues that pop up over the course of your lives ahead.

We see Lyza more regularly than our dentist! Her work is something very special that is hard to clarify unless you have experienced it yourself. You walk out lighter, clearer, calmer, happier and more sure than ever before. Thank you Lyza! We love your work!

Jessie and Jacky