Healing Sessions

Distance Healing Sessions with Lyza

  • Create your life as you choose.
  • Open your heart to new relationships.
  • Heal old relationships that no longer serve you.
  • Heal patterns that have held you back.
  • Heal your parent's patterns that exist within you.
  • Reconnect to your source of joy and peace.

How Distance Healing & Coaching Works

Receive healing energy and guidance from where ever you are in the world. Like physical healing sessions,  Lyza tunes directly into your presenting emotional issues and stress to support you to release them energetically, heal them and move on with clear vibrant energy, focus, purpose and peace - via Phone, Zoom or Face time.

Distance healing is a form of healing energy "sent" across time and space that is received and has a healing effect on the recipient.  Your energy body can be accessed easily from anywhere and at any time and does not require you to be physically present with the practitioner.

Lyza connects regularly with clients online from all over the world, including New York, Dubai, Texas, London, New Zealand, and Australia. Transforming lives for over 30 years with ongoing guidance, therapy and support often serving 3 generations within the same famiily.

1:1 Session Costs

Sessions are held online via Zoom.

1-hour Session: $150   |     2-hour Session: $280

You can also choose a 'multiple session packages' for ongoing mentoring, coaching, and therapy.

To book online, please click here: Book Session

  • Avatar Nicole Hill ★★★★★
    I have experienced the most genuine honest caring guidance to improved self love and understanding of my higher self. Lyza is an incredible presence with insight and intuition that runs deep , she has lifetimes of knowledge and is dedicated to sharing with us all. I am so blessed to have met her and to be able to connect with her both online and in person. Forever grateful
  • Avatar Yoga With Sole ★★★★★
    Lyza is pure joy and such a light to be with. I have worked with Lyza a few times and I left with such a feeling of overwhelming joy, love and gratitude every time. She has such a gift and truly cares for her clients, you can really tell in the way she works. I highly recommend working with her. <3


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Women have the ability to heal their deepest wounds successfully and completely

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Over the years I have found that there are so many great women who soldier on in life, but who are in great need of healing at their core essence.

When a woman arrives for healing who has been recommended to come to me for healing by a friend, I know there is a deep knowing between them of the depth of suffering a woman is able to hold within her and still function. Often times this is to the detriment of her health, her family, her mental balance and her livelihood.

It is such an honour and pleasure to see the difference in a woman between when she first lies down on my table, and when she gets up. Every client is astounded by the different look in their eyes after the session… the eyes, the window to the soul, show the healing immediately.

They often state that they feel like they have dropped 10 years from how they look and feel, with the most common comment being that they feel lighter, that they feel like a great weight has been lifted.

I encourage all women who are not experiencing their full potential to see a soul healer.  My experience has shown me that the true release of all sadness pain and fear associated with traumatic life experiences can and is possible. I heal and work with healing deep emotional traumas daily, including molestation, rape, oppression, repression, mental and physical abuse, relationship stress, guilt from infidelity and absolute exhaustion that comes from living an in-authentic life.

With every healing session I feel blessed, grateful and humbled by the resulting transformation within my clients hearts, minds, bodies and within their very being. I look forward to being able to assist you with reconnecting you with your deepest essence, your soul, your heartfelt presence and the oneness that I know we all desire.”

  • Avatar Kellee Thomson ★★★★★
    Lyza is incredibly beautiful. Her hearts desire to see people healed & find freedom working within themselves. She has a wonderful listening heart & also so intuitive to what might be the thing we just need to heal & move forward in life. I love her beautiful energy & highly recommend her retreats and healing sessions 💫 thank you Lyza for always serving so purely 🙏
Couples Healing Sessions - LSA Service Thumbnail



Lyza has worked with hundreds of couples whose relationship experience has grown more intimate, honest, genuine, passionate, fun loving, adventurous, creative, positive and sensually rewarding.

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Sometimes in relationships, there comes a time when old patterns resurface either from childhood or from former relationships. Often these patterns can cause unrest in the current relationship that has no basis but are simply old expectations from past relationships and we don’t know how to change this or change the unconscious sabotaging behaviour.

  • Wanting to experience more emotional intimacy with your partner but not sure how to change the dynamic you are both in?
  • Ever feel like you are unconsciously sabotaging your relationship?
  • Do you find it hard to keep a relationship once you have found a relationship you genuinely care about?
  • Are you finding it hard to move on emotionally and mentally from an old relationship?
  • Can’t figure out why you have recreated your parent’s relationship dynamic within your own relationship?

These old experiences and expectations from past relationships or from childhood can come out in unconscious behaviour that subtly or not so subtly undermines the new relationship. This is when we see patterns forming in our partner that our old partner or father or mother used to display.

Somehow our own unconscious behaviour based on these old patterns thereby encourages these behaviours from our ex-partners (or parents) to arise in our new partners.

Some of these unconscious behaviours can directly sabotage our new relationships. Often we are aware that we are sabotaging a relationship new or old, but we are not aware of how to stop the sabotage behaviour.

Sometimes we unconsciously recreate our parent’s relationship with our partner, because the relationship between our parents is the first significant relationship we learn as children hence this is where we subconsciously learned how couples relate to each other.

Book in now for one of Lyza’s transformational couples sessions to shift the dynamic between you and your partner for increased happiness, a closer heart connection and a brighter future.

  • Avatar Kate Herlihy ★★★★★
    It is impossible to put into words how much Lyza has helped me move forward in my life by letting go of past hurt I wasn't even aware I was holding onto. My whole family, partner and friends have also been to see Lyza after my raving reviews & not one of them has been disappointed. Lyza is an angel 🙂 X

1:1 Session Costs

Sessions can be held at our Gold Coast location or online via Zoom.

1-hour Session: $150   |     2-hour Session: $280

We also offer bulk session discounts.

To book online, please click here: Book Session

Lyza Saint Ambrosena IconLyza Saint Ambrosena

Runaway Bay, Gold Coast, QLD

4.9 54 reviews

  • Avatar Lucky Fonteyn ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Lyza is a beautiful woman who uplifts, inspires and heals those around her while radiating courage, strength & faith. The personal sessions are extremely powerful … read more & very transformational, The woman’s circles are filled with a deep feeling of sisterhood & embracing each other to lift each other up & the heart of woman retreat is a place to let go & nourish Mind, Body & Soul.
    I am so grateful to you Lyza for the support, deep healing & everything in my spiritual & material worlds. It has been truely life changing for me in all the right ways. I highly recommend everyone to experience a personal session.
    Infinite gratitude
    Thank you, thank you, thank you
    Lakshmi x
  • Avatar Melissa Melrose ★★★★★ 5 years ago
    There are only few people I trust deeply to work with energetically. Lyza holds the most beautiful, safe space filled with love. Which allows you to shift and open … read more deeper into those parts of yourself to be released and healed.
    She sees you and authentically cares and the light she shines to guide others back to theirs is a true gift.
    Highly recommend Lyza to guide you on your healing journey within ❤️🙏
  • Avatar Sandy Pants ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    Lyza is an amazingly intuitive and gifted healer who always seems to know exactly what you need at that time. She has always made me feel comfortable, safe and loved. … read more It doesn’t matter if it’s been a week or a year since I’ve seen Lyza, she always welcomes me with open arms and makes me feel part of her family. She is the most beautiful, loving, kind, playful soul I have ever met. She is so genuinely full of love and kindness for everyone and so effortlessly makes those around her feel calm and loved, regardless of whether it’s for a healing, a group gathering or just hanging out by the campfire. And best of all, she has this way of making your healing journey comfortable, enlightening and fun all at the same time!! She really is an earth angel Xoxoxox

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