The Heart of Women Weekend Retreat

Sometimes as women we yearn for rest, nurturing and soul healing. We long to disconnect from the chaos so that we can reconnect to what's truly important.

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May 31, 2024 3:00 pm - June 2, 2024 3:00 pm

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Rest, Heal, Flourish and Shine ...

Sometimes as women we yearn for rest, nurturing and soul healing. We long to disconnect from the chaos so that we can reconnect to what's truly important.

The Heart of Women Weekend Retreat is designed especially for women,  to reconnect with themselves in deeply nurturing, Heartfelt ways.

At my weekend retreat, it’s not just a getaway; it’s a transformative experience tailored specifically for women seeking to reconnect with their inner strength and authenticity.

First and foremost, imagine a space free from judgment, where every woman is embraced for who she truly is. In this supportive environment, participants are encouraged to explore and heal layers of self-doubt and insecurity, paving the way for profound inner shifts.

One of the most powerful aspects of the retreat is the sense of community and sisterhood that develops among participants. Sharing stories, struggles, and triumphs creates bonds that transcend the weekend itself, providing a network of support long after the retreat ends. This collective strength empowers each woman to step into her own heroism, knowing she has a tribe of like-minded individuals cheering her on.

Moreover, the retreat is designed to help women reclaim their voices and redefine their narratives. By challenging limiting beliefs and negative self-talk, participants learn to cultivate a more compassionate and empowering inner dialogue. As they gain clarity on their values, passions, and purpose, they naturally radiate confidence and authenticity in every aspect of their lives.

Ultimately, the weekend retreat serves as a catalyst for profound personal growth and transformation. Participants leave with a newfound sense of self-worth, a deeper connection to their inner wisdom, and a renewed commitment to living life on their own terms. They emerge as the heroines of their own stories, empowered to create the life they truly desire.

So, why should she come to your Heart of Women weekend retreat? Because it’s not just a chance to escape the demands of everyday life, but an opportunity to embark on a soul-stirring journey toward self-discovery, empowerment, and authentic living. It’s a space where you can embrace your true essence, connect with kindred spirits, and emerge stronger, uplifted, and ready to shine your light brightly in the world.

Throughout the weekend I will share many techniques & guide you through many soul-nourishing sessions:-

☆ ACCOMMODATION: Accommodation is provided or you can camp if you wish to create your own private natural oasis

☆ DELICIOUS VEGETARIAN MEALS – Healthy,  Nutritious meals are provided, Gluten Free and Vegan food are also available, Please let us know at checkout.

☆ YIN & RESTORATIVE YOGA Gentle Relaxing Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga for beginners and advanced Yogini’s

☆ MUSIC Beautiful Musicians join us for gentle Sound Healing and for live intimate concerts, you can feel free to receive or join in.

☆ QI GONG Ancient Healing Movement for Deep Connection

☆ MEDITATION Guided Healing Meditation journeys through your weekend.

☆ MINDFULNESS – Conscious, Awareness and Energy teachings

☆ NATURE TIME – visit waterfalls, bush walks, sacred river

☆ SWIMMING –Natural pristine river ~ swimming optional

☆ JOURNALING TIME – Healing journal coaching for inner awareness opportunities

☆ MASSAGE ~ Gentle Healing Head and Foot Massages Optional (Plus personal Zen Thai Massage 1 hr available for an extra fee)

☆ RECONNECTING to body, mind, soul, nature, and each other.

☆ TIMES: Arrive any time after 3 pm Friday to settle in, you can arrive after work if that suits you best, however, it’s nice to take the afternoon to orient yourself to the surrounding nature and enjoy Yoga at 5 pm and Dinner at 6 pm, though if you are arriving late, say 7 pm Friday evening, we can save you dinner. Our Official program is completed at 3 pm on Sunday afternoon.

☆ WHERE: Numinbah Valley, near the Natural Arch, Approximately 40 minutes from the Gold Coast.

Event Details


May 31, 2024 3:00 pm to June 2, 2024 3:00 pm


The Log Cabin 3360 Nerang Murwillumbah Rd, Natural Bridge QLD 4211, Australia


$497 per person (bring a soul sister or female relative for $397)


Lyza Saint Ambrosena

Tel: 0400 005 741



Booking Information

  • EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: $444 Per Person Normally $497
  • EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: $333 For Any Soul Sister or Female Relative (normally $397) Over The Age Of 19 Accompanying A Full Paying Guest

Our weekend together…tell me more...

  • Life Transforming rituals
  • Soul Nourishing Healthy Food
  • Learn Sacred Methods for Soul Connection
  • Relaxing Yoga for beginners and advanced,
  • Meditation for healing, reconnection and manifesting
  • Sound Healing
  • Rest, Healing and Life Transformation
  • Develop your Psychic Intuition & Abilities
  • Soulful Practices to Awaken you into your soul again
  • Energy Healing & Reconnecting to your Intuition
  • Restorative personal life-affirming experiences

Yes, I want to attend!

May 31, 2024 3:00 pm