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Hi Lyza,  Thanks for the wonderful session . I feel a lot lighter, more relaxed, detached from the people who have been posing challenges in my life thus far. I have a positive outlook for this year & am a lot happier. I look forward to seeing you soon & meeting like-minded people .
Thank you so much,   Maria

Maria Vearie, Gold Coast

On a day to day basis Lyza radiates love to all that come into her life. Saturday was no exception to this.
While I was a little nervous about what might ​be​ shared amongst company.
Lyza channeled these divine message​s​ to me in a loving and humorous ​way ​which was exactly what I needed.
I’m sure that all ​who were there ​could relate to the analogy of a train and different components of our personality being in different carriages.
As Lyza described this it brought both laughter and tear​s​ to my eyes.

As I integrated all aspects of my personality into my heart I felt loved and excepted.

Thank-you Lyza for being apart of my life and ​for ​showing love and compassion to all

Much love,

Rebecca Little, Gold Coast

My name is Sue and after a healing session with Lyza I have to say it was such a moving and powerful experience words are hard to find.
Lyzas beautiful empathetic  energy of unconditional acceptance and love for healing  others is a true gift and literally flows from her.
I have felt a distinct shift in the form of a tremendous heavy energy that was previously sitting upon me before I saw Lyza which had affected my health and clarity of thought for a very long time.
She has bought a change of lightness and  clear clarity which is amazing and my gratitude and thanks cannot be expressed enough.
Lyza is genuinely  someone with a pure and gifted spirit.

Sue Spence, Sunshine Coast

“Thank you so much for our session yesterday.  I was totally blown away by the whole experience J  One word that came up for me was ‘raw’.  I think it is incredible to feel raw yet trusting of the person that is taking you to that raw place.

My session with you was totally surprising, yet comforting.  you made me feel totally supported and free to let go (which is very impressive given that we had not met prior).  I found the whole session to be a new experience and one that was strangely familiar.  After my session, I felt a positive change in energy and I look forward to experiencing further changes’.


Jo Williams, Brisbane

My session with Lyza was both inspiring & insightful. Lyza tapped into feelings and issues that I keep close to my heart. Her gentle, positive guidance and beautiful wisdom filled my heart and soul. It was amazing. Thank you Lyza. Blessings.

Sue Howell, Gold Coast

Hi Lyza, I am having a great week going through all the wonderful things I experienced and took home from the Expo I read your book straight away, great Ideas. I really feel I have got my voice back after my session with you on Sunday. I have been trying alot of different things to get myself back mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I am getting my spirit back. The things I experienced and took away from the expo were the icing on the cake. I now want to continue learning and share with others. I feel I am in such a good place at the moment compared to the last 2 or 3 years and it can only get better.  Warmest Regards and Thankyou OXOX

Laurena Rakauskas, Gold Coast

I Had a profoundly beautiful, monumentally moving and overall amazing healing session with the always lovely and truly angelic Lyza Saint Ambrosena this morning. A bubble bath this afternoon and feeling quite blissful now. This lady is the real deal. I feel blessed just to know her, its like being touched by an angel. — feeling loved.

Suzie Goodman, Darwin

Hi Lyza, today was so overwhelming the energy was so powerful and intense my whole body was shaking and sweating. This much strength I have never felt before. I  loved what you did for me, look forward to our next time, Love n light,

Stephen, Gold Coast



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My name is Ghita. I had a session with Lyza on Wednesday and had a big shift with the fractured ages of me coming together as a whole. A baby, a four year old, a nineteen year old and a twenty five year old. I had some anger that was revealing itself when I dealt with authority at work; which made me realise it was not fixed by some previous NLP and hypnotherapy at all – it had just stuffed it down instead of releasing it.

This was manifesting as back pain and acute loneliness also. During my session, my body was bubbling and popping – with an astral feeling in my feet, legs, back and stomach mostly. A big fusion no doubt made better by my ease of meditation visualisations! The muscles hold in memories that a shrink can’t remove. This causes us to hold on to them – even if we work through or acknowledge them in our minds. The proof is in the person weeks after treatment…

Metaphysically you are healed and it shows physically as radiance, relaxation and a less stressed face; people sense something different about you – like you’ve had a holiday! Don’t hold on to old baggage longer than you need to. It sabotages your life in so many small and large ways!
I recommend booking in even if you have to wait a few weeks. I have had 3 sessions over the last year and want to do more when I can.
Thanks Lyza! You are extraordinary!

Ghita Andersen Palm Beach, Queensland. Australia

I have been dealing with some major emotional blockages and undertook a half hour session with Lyza that day to see if some of the blockages could be dealt with.

Lyza placed her hands on me and went straight to situations that I hadn’t thought about for years which have been holding me back. My friend was with me for emotional support, and found that through my session she was experiencing powerful changes also.

I was taken back to episodes in my childhood and thus able to deal with these episodes and move forward. I am continuing to do work with Lyza and am constantly amazed at how well she reads and heals. Each session is different as Lyza connects with what is needed on that day. Each session has bought about positive change and direction.  Great value for money and highly recommended.

Melinda Webb Gold Coast

Watching and experiencing Lyza working on my daughter and seeing the amazing results has been astounding!

Taylahs ‘light’ has been reignited and I have a happier child at home and school.

I recommend Lyza’s skills to any Mum (or Dad) who sense their child is different, somehow doesn’t fit into what the schools deem ‘normal’ and want to help their child be free to be who they truely are without a need to stiffle what we see as being different and not fitting in. Tks Lyza.

Julie Baker Oxenford

Today I received a healing from Lyza Saint Ambrosena. Lyza is one of those extraordinary beings who somehow come into your life when you need to meet them.

She is an amazing healer who blends learned skills such as craniosacral therapy, psychology and therapy related to neck, back and spinal health with a deeply moving intuitive and spiritual process that is actually difficult to describe because it’s different at each healing.

Lyza can see and feel “stuck” energy in our physical and energetic bodies resulting from current and past events in this and possibly other lives, which is literally stopping or slowing the “flow” into the higher “calling” most of us so long to connect with. The result is nothing short of breathtaking.

Apart from feeling and experiencing the effect of energy blocks being freed and the resulting rush of new life surging throughout the body, the accompanying letting go and freeing of old pain is at the same time cathartic, exciting and intensely moving.”

Terry Gliddon Melbourne

A deep resounding Thank You for holding such a Clear Loving Divine space.
It allowed me to release energy that has been blocking me accessing my full capacity to live in my Heart.
Energies i hadn’t been able to reach before, from this and other lifetimes, came to the surface to be released to the Light.  The session with Lyza was incredibly empowering and I healed on a profound level it was like floating in an Ocean of Love I felt so safe and present. Out and up with the old- Within with the bright shiny New! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
I Wholly Soully Heartily Recommend Lyza to One and All.

Maryke del Castillo Australia

Lyza just moved some very old hurts and I feel so much lighter.

Big Really Old Stuff, that I could not do by myself. Thank you Lyza.


I feel as though I have had eons of lifetimes of trauma released from my body, I now feel light and bright. Better than I have felt in years.  Thank you Lyza.

Kim Brehmner

WOW! I have come home to myself.

Lyza works with complete love, compassion and integrity. I feel so blessed to have been able to receive this gift.  I asked for help and I have been answered. An earth Angel


Ahhh the relief, I leave with a sense of deep peace, gratitude and longed for hopefulness.  Sigh, I’m so grateful to feel the reconnection to my higher self and be on the path once more. ~ It makes life even more of a gift.

Thank you Lyza

Helen Pierson

I had another healing with Lyza yesterday and it must be my eighth or ninth over a two year period, and as I have blossomed with the touch of her work, indeed so has she.

If you doubt the power of love to change your life then I ask you to experience the angelic realm of spirit that this woman brings. Her high level spiritual entourage sweep in under her hands as she aligns you back to your original blueprint with the perfection that we all came in with.

In love with her life and her man, she radiates a field of light so rarified that not many can claim this gift. And even my sceptical mum on her first visit was moved to agree that Lyza Saint Ambrosena has a special gift. And indeed she does.

Blessings my friend, you shift consciousness one person at a time. I love you.

Kerri Brisbane

I have been feeling really really good in the last few days after our session. To begin with I was exhausted..but Tuesday / Wednesday I’ve felt so strong, positive and powerful with-in myself.

I’m really consciously trying to listen to my body and grow stronger and brighter each day. So many lessons I’ve just been to blocked to absorb, I’m now open to. We are not victims we are our own journey creators.. Got to love, embrace, enjoy,smile and cherish every step :-).

Thank you for allowing me to move through my most recent block. I look forward to re-connecting with you again soon to grow even more.  Thanks Lyza

Nicole Gold Coast

Sessions with Lyza have helped me gain clarity, fired up my passion, and assisted me to feeling healthier and happier.  Her sessions are holistic, going right to the source to clear deeply engrained emotions, thought patterns and health issues.

Lyza handles all topics with compassion, non-judgment and wisdom.  She is clear and direct and sometimes quite humorous, making sessions fun and relaxed.  Every time we speak, Lyza helps me develop a richer connection with the spiritual vibrance of life.

With her help, I am aligning with my highest potential.   Thank You, Lyza!

Ben Texas

I felt calm and relaxed. I think I fell asleep. I feel in control of myself now. It was really cool.

Aimee-Rose felt grounded afterwards and I could sense stress was released from her. It was 3 weeks ago now and she has come out of her shell. Publicly she is more confident and we are seeing a beautiful girl with a great sense of humour shining through.  Thank you Lyza. 


I talked to Lyza about cranial therapy for my daughter, and we have just had the first session which was such a blessing.  I would really like to deeply thank Lyza for seeing us. Lyza is such a amazing, incredible, beautiful spiritual healer, she helped my daughter so much with emotional and physical blockages, showing compassion, joy and love, my daughter felt amazing, lighter, healthier, happy and more at peace, and she can’t wait to see her again, we feel so blessed that Lyza has come into our lives.  Love and blessings, Thank you!!!

ya Yvonne & Arna

The night of my daughter’s treatment was really interesting she actually sat still and ate her dinner for 95% of the time with no fidgeting.  It was nice to watch.

After this for the next few days she was asking very interesting questions in the morning which lead to good conversations.   It was like the brain was working better.  She is liking working with her letters better and loves drawing now so this is good.

The night after her treatment she wet the bed (hadn’t done this for over 3 years)  I think she was sleeping more soundly plus I had relaxation music on and some of the songs had running water in it.  She came and told me straight away though and she hasn’t done it again.  She loves me doing her feet every night as you suggested, I believe it is really helping her relax before bed/

am Alycia and Maria, Gold Coast.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the healing you gave both myself and my little boy last night. My heart is feeling so opened and there is a definite glow about my son. You are wonderful and I always feel so blessed and loved being in your presence! As for my son he is definitely feeling the force!! Lol I am grateful for your work, it truly is a blessing and I feel lighter and more at peace than before.
I also love what you do with the children.  My son has a sparkle in his eye and I can sense that he is feeling clearer in mind and body and soul…..God bless you xxxx

vo Vanessa Oldham

I came for my daughter Molly, but found the experience healing for our whole family, I feel a combination of blissful and a real connection to a universal energy.

ns Nicky Steenson

Lyza’s work is amazing. She gently helps you delve within and release the blocks in your life that you think you have already dealt with. It was a wonderful experience ~ Thank you

Dianna Dawson

Coming in to this session I was sad, lost and exhausted.  With your help Lyza I have restored love and hope for myself and feel rewoken and excited for myself and the future and all this universe has to offer for me. Thank you.

Amy Bristol Gold Coast

Hi Lyza, Just a quick note to say thank you for the treatments I’ve had with you.  The work you do has real results in the real world on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.  I’m so pleased our paths crossed.  I was obviously led to you at a time when I needed your amazing talents.  I sing your praises everywhere I go.

Thank you for being you! Love and so much gratitude.

Kym Sullivan Tugan

I came to see Lyza to help with my daughter, but knew she was connected to me. I needed some help letting go of various experiences of my life.  Lyza brought the old me back and helped me feel calm, relaxed and at peace. I feel so light, Thank you.

Simone McCallum Helensvale

Hey Lyza, Just wanted to say thanks for your amazing healing work. Your guidance, positive attitude and loving heart is inspirational. You have helped me through a difficult time since my neck injury. It continues to improve and is feeling great, couldn’t have done it without you…

Scott Frieling Melbourne

Seeing Lyza has afforded me a high level energetic clearing that in my 20 years of spiritual growth, I have not encountered before.

Lyza’s clear vibration holds space for spirit to work with her to not only achieve physical healing, but on a soul level, align and activate personal life purpose.  I have gained many spiritual insights as well as physical wellbeing that have far surpassed any of the other numerous treatments I have tried over the years.

I can’t recommend Lyza enough for the space of healing and integrity she holds, and her commitment to the work she performs.
Blessings my friend, you do great work.


Kerri Ryan Brisbane

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I was thinking about you today and was going to send you a message to say how amazing I feel this week – Nothing seems to worry me, things are aligning so amazingly at work, I went for a walk and had more energy than I have felt in more than 2 years.  I also have previously experienced thrush and managed it via a naturopath, however it had returned over the past few months and was considering going back to a Naturopath, but amazingly it seems to have gone away since seeing you on Saturday!!

I also had an interesting meditation on Monday night where I saw “something” leave me…..not sure what it was, but it seemed that a part of me that I no longer needed in my life got up and left!! Had never experienced anything like this before but it felt so good, so right.

Is all of this possible in just one session?  It must be and I am so grateful to you…..

I also can’t wait to hear more about the program you are going to be running in the future, which I spoke to my husband about and he is keen to know more about it also.

Thank you again, Megan



I’ve seen Lyza twice now and both times was absolutely amazing!

The first visit was last October for a persistant shoulder pain which many visits to different natural therapist couldn’t clear up! During the session I was calm and confident I was in good hands, Lyza identified where the pain was probably coming from – taking on some emotions from my Mum who was using my shoulder to cry on so to speak! Well within a few days the shoulder pain completely disappeared and only surfacing recently when the same thing was happening with my mum again! So I booked in another session with Lyza but this time working on a lot of my own emotional blocks!

I didn’t realise just what I was hanging onto until Lyza looked into my eyes with such an intense look of love and understanding – took my breath away! It was like she was looking right into my soul and instantly knew exactly the pain and suffering I was going through. I cried a river of tears which needed releasing and I practically floated out of her house!

Thank you so much Lyza, your sessions are so beautiful and loving! You are a beautiful soul and I feel so blessed to have found you! Naurelle xx

Naurelle Herbert

“Good Morning Lyza,

I was honoured to meet you – you have such gentle compassion and love – thank you for seeing me.

I have been great – so much lighter and happier – I have been working on what we went through – I have been getting some headaches though and yesterday when I was out walking and working on my energy, I heard all these little popping noises in my head – obivously some cranial work being dnoe – it was amazing. I can’t wait for my next visit. A thousand thanyou’s for your dedication to your work.

Love and light,


Karen Hermann

My personal experience from attending the Trance Channeling sundays with Lyza is one of Healing Insight and Restoration. I find my Spirit is uplifted and and revitalised. The information and love that comes through is soft and tender, confirming the endless Love that the Universe is made of and freely imparts to all.  Thank you for being the clear conduit that is required for such a vibration to reach us.          Love and Grace

Glenys Randall, Brisbane

Hi Lyza, Reflecting back on our session yesterday, it was certainly a very emotional time. However, since leaving I feel so much lighter and ‘free’ (for lack of a better word). I have been so energized today, or more so than I have been these last few months. I have been going over things that were said yesterday and your accuracy along with the feelings I felt put all my doubts behind me. I feel a little more connected to Mal today, I have been able to talk to him freely without feeling silly or embarrassed and I thank you for helping me to connect with him in this way. Many blessings, Linda

(Lindas husband had passed leaving 4 young children and Linda prenant with their 5th child. The experience for Linda connecting with her husband Mal was profound for her with evidence that eased her pain of his passing.)

Linda Tumelty, Gold Coast

Young woman meditating outdoorsI feel more alive than I have for a long time, heaps of energy, incredibly fabulous….love and hugs to you and so many thanks.  xxxxx 

Jean Syrius, Sunshine Coast

Hi Lyza that was the most imagining healing I have had in a long time❤️️❤️️I have been trying to give up sugar for years now without success …I walked out of healing session and haven’t had any cravings even when you get those afternoon hunger pains I have NO DESIRE when I think about something quick to eat I see sugar as bad habit only and can control it until I find something healthy …this is a big one for me thank you❤️️❤️️….I have been doing my mirror work although last few days I’ve been a bit naughty….. I have more of a peaceful feeling within ……water intake has doubled (I was really bad with water) don’t seem to have issues remembering to drink…being considerate of myself and putting myself first is getting better…..I will would love to see you again in the new year towards the end of January February would be great thank you sooo much ❤️️❤️️❤️️hope you have a wonderful Christmas
Much love always, Christine

Christine Line, Gold Coast

Hi Lyza, I hope you have had a glorious week. I just have to share with you. Since going for my healings with you and some of your events I am feeling more and more at ease with life…..everything. I did not tell my doctor or anyone but xmas tine I went off my blood pressure medication. I had a dr visit and my blood pressure was perfect. I went to the doctor….once again perfect. I told me Dr about you and how you are helping me and he has now taken me off my blood pressure medication completely. This is sooo exciting as I have had high blood pressure since having my son  nearly 9 years ago. So I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart Lyza. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Can not wait to see you again xxxx

Kellie Odonell, Gold Coast

I prayed and prayed for help, and then you appeared like an angel. I’m so very grateful for the work that you do, and I feel so blessed that my prayers have been answered. I’m looking forward to my next sesession with you next week Lyza and I thank you with all of my heart. Finally the healing has begun and I can start to breath and have a quiet sense of calm knowing I’m on my way. Big hugs and big love to you from me. Xox

Lindah Cyprien, Gold Coast, Australia

Hello Lyza

I would love to thank you for my amazing healing yesterday. Xx
On my way home I stopped to buy some beautiful fresh fruit and vegetables. After I unpacked them I knew I needed to sleep, which I ended up sleeping for about 4 hours. I then had a beautiful walk on the beach walking in the waters edge enjoying the waves crashing on my legs and feet. I arriving back home in time to watch the sunset.
Josh and I are going on a date on Saturday night. I could actually hear the excitement in his voice when I asked and suggested a few places for us to go. Thank you. Xx

Love love. Xx

Sarah Brune, Gold Coast

I can’t thank you enough Lyza for your divine guidance. You have helped to heal me, guide me and have helped me progress on my own spiritual journey. The love you have for the work you do is a blessing and pure, light, healing energy radiates from deep within. I can not recommend your services enough to all my friends and family. I thank you from the deepest parts of me. love and light, Linda

Linda Tumelty, Brisbane

Dear Lyza…
I have been meaning to email you to let you know of the ENORMOUS changes that came from our session a few months ago. You worked absolute miracles!
i AM LIKE A TOTALLY DIFFERENT PERSON.  The best thing to come out of our session was that you got rid of so much of my anger and resentment and opened me up to be able to love again. My relationship with my husband and children (particulalry my 8 year old, which i was really struggling with) is a million times better. I am so much calmer and the benifits are huge. Being able to let go of so much has made room for me to look at things much more positivly and i want to thank you so much for your help. I can see that there is still major blockages that are stopping me from moving forward and i will book another session so we can work on that, but in the meamtime i am just happy to be able to love again! (crazy how i didnt realise how little love i was able to give till i got home from our session and found myself able to again!!)
Thanks again Lyza – hope to see you again soon
Sonia x

Sonia Johnstone, Brisbane

Hey Lyza,
I would like to thank you for yesterday, it far surpassed my expectations of what I might be coming to. The energy you share in your room is at times nearly overwhelming, many a moment I had tears of emotion running down my cheeks. Very nice & very comforting to be in a place of love, pure intent & non judgement….
Again, thank you very much for you time, guidance & love yesterday Lyza
It is very rare that I am moved in such a beautiful manner
Much love to yourself & Cameron

Jaimie, Jimboomba

You are an earth angle , light authentic and divine…you have assisted me with calmness truth and the love of oneness the awakened have xxx
Thank you.


Penny Travers, Gold Coast

Hello Lyza,
Thank you so much for seeing me last week.
I am feeling really good,
I have researched the Method you advised me about, I absolutely
Love it – I love it. You empowered me last week and I have the strength to endure the next few months. I have repaired the relationship with my son, and our family have renewed strength to face our up and coming tribulations
I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you so very much
Kate Walters

Kate Walters, Gold Coast

 I have been feeling great, I did enjoy my session with you and it surprised me that I still had such strong emotions towards my last partner Graeme as I thought I had dealt with that. Just goes to show we always need to release and a good cry is a wonderful healing.

I look forward to my next session  with you and your Wednesday meditation nights.

Thank you Lyza you really are a beautiful person

Love Christine xxx

Christine Hilton, Tallebudgera


Wow Lyza has helped us immensely! Especially as a couple. Lyza has helped us with everything from releasing heavy mother issues, self doubt, old ex partner hurts, and even as far as helping us to communicate with our beloved dog who had passed over, bringing much needed peace and understanding to my heart.  There is no problem that Lyza cannot shed light on and help you to resolve either yourself or with her own healing hands. Sharing this experience with your partner only opens and strengthens the existing bond you already have, while learning to help each other with any issues that pop up over the course of your lives ahead.

We see Lyza more regularly than our dentist! Her work is something very special that is hard to clarify unless you have experienced it yourself. You walk out lighter, clearer, calmer, happier and more sure than ever before. Thank you Lyza! We love your work!

Jess & Johnno

Thank you Lyza for sharing your gifts with myself and my 6 year old daughter Mandy.   Not only watching, but being a part of the energy exchange for Mandy was a profound experience and watching Mandy’s body respond to the energy was incredible.  Mandy has been more settled this week and has been taking “No” much better than she has in the past.  I was also amazed at my own physical and energetic responses to the healing session with Mandy and it confirmed for me that mothers and children are connected beyond the physical and as parents we have a responsibility to understand not only our physical impact on our children but also our energetic impact.  What a beautiful experience, but also lesson for Mandy (and myself) – the understanding that everything begins and ends within ourselves.  We have both been blessed through this experience.  Thank you!  Blessings  x

Dianna, Beaudesert

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the healing you gave both myself and my little boy last night. My heart is feeling so opened and there is a definite glow about my son. You are wonderful and I always feel so blessed and loved being in your presence! As for my son he is definitely feeling the force!! Lol I am grateful for your work it truly is a blessing and I feel lighter and more at peace than before.
I also love what you do with the children my son has a sparkle in his eye and I can sense that he is feeling clearer in mind and body and soul…..God bless you xxxx

Vanessa Spears Jimboomba


Google Reviews

Lyza Saint Ambrosena IconLyza Saint Ambrosena

Runaway Bay, Gold Coast

5.0 53 reviews

  • Avatar Lucky Fonteyn ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    Lyza is a beautiful woman who uplifts, inspires and heals those around her while radiating courage, strength & faith. The personal sessions are extremely powerful & very transformational, The woman’s circles are filled with a deep … More feeling of sisterhood & embracing each other to lift each other up & the heart of woman retreat is a place to let go & nourish Mind, Body & Soul.
    I am so grateful to you Lyza for the support, deep healing & everything in my spiritual & material worlds. It has been truely life changing for me in all the right ways. I highly recommend everyone to experience a personal session.
    Infinite gratitude
    Thank you, thank you, thank you
    Lakshmi x
  • Avatar Alicia Cutcliffe ★★★★★ a year ago
    A beautiful woman who does the most amazing energy healings. Over the last few years Lyza has helped me so much and her Heart of Women retreats help connect you to so many amazing women from all walks of life that enable you to grow as … More a person.
  • Avatar Calvin McCoard ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Had an amazing day. Learned lots. Great experience with like minded people. Lyza was awesome
  • Avatar Jo Hayden ★★★★★ a year ago
    Lyza is a heart centred human being who like us all has been through a lot of heart trauma. She has evolved to hold space for the most broken of souls. I have just finished a very deep session with her healing some of this lifetimes trauma … More from birth. It will take a few days to fully integrate I am sure, I want to express my full gratitude to your genuineness and ability to hone in on the issue. I am so glad I followed my intuition to do your women of heart retreat a few weeks back. Thank you Lyza for sharing you and your wisdom with me and others. 💚💚💚
  • Avatar Anita Walker ★★★★★ a year ago
    Being in Lyza's presence is a feeling of being completely safe and loved. I have heard people express the words "Earth Angel" and I truly feel that this is what Lyza is on this Earth. Lyza completely embodies what she practices … More and preaches. She provides a safe container of unconditional love for you to express and heal your vulnerable self. Lyza is down to Earth and funny too. 😉😘 I am so grateful for Lyza in this lifetime. ❤❤❤ Many Blessings.
  • Avatar Vanessa Gillett ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    A voice called to me, "you must go", the voice was spirit guiding me to "The Gift". Lyza greeted me with open heart, mind, body and soul. So much to absorb and learn in my search to reconnect with "Me". This … More was my first step and I know I will have more steps with Lyza on my path with words of guidance and healing.
    If you get a chance to partake in a retreat, do it. You may even find others like me when you take that step.
  • Avatar Sandy Pants ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Lyza is an amazingly intuitive and gifted healer who always seems to know exactly what you need at that time. She has always made me feel comfortable, safe and loved. It doesn’t matter if it’s been a week or a year since I’ve seen Lyza, … More she always welcomes me with open arms and makes me feel part of her family. She is the most beautiful, loving, kind, playful soul I have ever met. She is so genuinely full of love and kindness for everyone and so effortlessly makes those around her feel calm and loved, regardless of whether it’s for a healing, a group gathering or just hanging out by the campfire. And best of all, she has this way of making your healing journey comfortable, enlightening and fun all at the same time!! She really is an earth angel Xoxoxox
  • Avatar Stacey Garrett ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Lyza was amazing, this workshop far exceeded my expectations. I also stepped out of my comfort zone and ended up meeting beautiful souls and some of whom I’ve became friends with. I’ve come away with some very important tools that I’ll … More now utilise in my daily life. Thankyou Lyza & Cameron for having me in your home. Love 💞 & light ✨ xx
    Can not wait to come to a retreat or 2 or 3 lol
  • Avatar Lisa Agnew ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Lyza is just divine, an incredible, present, embodied healer and energy worker...whoever you are and wherever you are on your life / spiritual journey, be it awakening, healing trauma, moving through massive life changes and milestones, … More clearing success blocks or enhancing your relationships, she will walk with you and guide you with love, grace and humility along the path to the light. From my heart to yours (and to all you beautiful people out there reading this)...thank you Lyza, you are a blessing and a gift to this world...all the love and light, Lisa L A x x
  • Avatar michelle husar ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Lyza is an angel. Her healing is from the divine. Her nature is unconditional love. She touches so many lives each and every day. I have never known anyone quite like her. Love just pours out to everyone, regardless of who it is, she … More just loves. Such a strong spiritual presence, and such a beautiful soul. She is loved so very much and I feel so blessed to know her and have had beautiful healing sessions by her (not just on a spiritual level, her healing has an effect on every part of you, physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. Its a true healing by a true healer. Love you Lyza xxxxx
  • Avatar Lisa Cooke ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    What I have experienced in the last 12 months with Lyza is hard to put into words, I feel like words don’t do it justice. The healing, the knowledge shared, the understanding, the acceptance and unconditional love I have felt is beyond … More anything I have ever experienced. I am truly grateful to have such a wonderful presence in my life and I have grown so much in such a short period of time. I thank my lucky stars I was guided to her precious soul 💗🙏🏻💗
  • Avatar Natala McKinlay ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Unconditional love & zest for life!! comes straight to mind when I think of Lyza. She has helped me immensely and embraced me with her angel 👼 wings...from healing session,
    retreat to women’s circle..I feel lighter, brighter and back
    … More behind the steering wheel of life now because of her 🙏💕
    Lyza is authentic, approachable, kind & caring. With her uplifting positive energy she totally makes you feel at ease in her presence. I would highly recommend ✨🧚‍♂️✨
  • Avatar Breege Brennan ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    When I first saw Lyza give a display of her healing abilities a number of years ago, I was spellbound by her intuition, deep connection with Spirit and her love of humanity. Since then she has lead me though a path of healing and awakening … More both in her healing room , workshops and events. She exudes love, joy and always fun. If you are looking for a safe pair of hands who will walk you out of the shadows into the light and guide you to your highest potential, gently and lovingly, then this is your girl! ❤️
  • Avatar Kate Herlihy ★★★★★ 5 years ago
    It is impossible to put into words how much Lyza has helped me move forward in my life by letting go of past hurt I wasn't even aware I was holding onto. My whole family, partner and friends have also been to see Lyza after my raving … More reviews & not one of them has been disappointed. Lyza is an angel 🙂 X
  • Avatar Angelique Carlsson ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    OMGoddess Lyza you're amazing, I was sitting here watching tv, been to the physio, my world is a little crazy at the moment. I work in Aged Care and love caring and assisting our lovely elders during their transition from this life … More to the next. For some reason, let's say the divine intervened and I came across your page on FB and decided to turn everything off and watch! Well my lovely I am hooked and will share your wonderful spirit and gift with many. Thanks for the lesson I so needed it to help me with my journey! Love & blessings to you and yours <3 xox
  • Avatar Julie Turner ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Lyza was amazing I felt fantastic after my healing session Thank you Lyza
  • Avatar Katrina Jermyn ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    I love Lyza's down to earth approach, and yet she is so connected. I have personally experienced her one on one sessions, her retreats, channelling the divine groups and women's circles. Everything she does is undertaken with … More so much love. Every time, every experience, I've received exactly what was needed in that moment delivered with much love and connection. I cannot recommend her and her work highly enough.
  • Avatar Teneille McPherson ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    We have been seeing Lyza for the past 8 years, and I'm SO grateful we connected. She has helped my daughter (now 12) and myself through phases of life that needed Lyza's gift to shift the past, release and move forward. Thank … More you for helping us through life <3 <3 <3 Much love xxx
  • Avatar Kel W ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Such a beautiful soul. Lyzas passion for healing and holding space for people as they grow and discover who they are shines through. Her kindness and faith she has in humanity inspires everyone she meets. Her retreats and events really … More are a special place and I encourage anyone looking to reconnect with themselves to take the opportunity to book yourself into one of these experiences.
  • Avatar Julie Gear ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    I just want to share what an amazing being Lyza is. Lyza has helped me on so many levels in this last year. I am truly blessed to have seen the ad about the Infinite ReConnection Re Treat. I have now been to three plus completed the GIFT … More workshop and have had healings in person and distant. Being a part of this tribe and spending time with like minded people I am so grateful. 💕😘
  • Avatar Penny Travers ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Hi everyone I would love to share how Lyza has changed me and my experiences in the world with her incredible ability to teach true happiness true presence and you are the creator of your reality. This Angel of grace , wisdom and an enormous … More heart space shares continuously how to be . We are so blessed to have her with us all on the Gold Coast she is a gift from our God to love learn and heal with Namaste ❤❤❤
  • Avatar K Winters ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    She’s an Earth Angel 👼 such a gift to have in your life. Makes you feel loved when you forget to love yourself. Xx
  • Avatar Melissa Siwicki ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Lyza is such a blessing, I have received many healings with Lyza she has helped me beyond words with coming through the other side of a very difficult time and will always be a part of my healing. I have been to her women’s retreat and … More would highly recommend they are truly amazing! Forever grateful xoxo
  • Avatar Naurelle Herbert ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Lyza is the one of the most amazing and gifted healers I’ve ever experienced! She has helped me many times over....highly recommend 💕
  • Avatar Kashmira Divine ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    A heart full of love and a soul full of divine guidance Lyza is a very special teacher and energy worker. She has been a blessing in my life.. 💕
  • Avatar Sunny Days ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    I found Lyza when I was experiencing a n extremely traumatic time in my life. Instantly I felt safe and loved in her presence and I came through this supported and in a better space. That was 7 years ago and I can honestly say with Lyza … More in support network I have been able to heal much childhood trauma and move through the valleys of life knowing she will be there for me. I highly recommend Lyza whether it be for meditation, retreats, healings or amazing insights and advice. I wouldn’t be the confident happy human I am today without her being in my journey with me.
  • Avatar Rebecca Jennings ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    I have been to many things that Lyza and her partner have hosted, they bring many people together with the connection of love, I have had a healing, channelling and participated in a course with Lyza that has helped support my self discovery. … More
  • Avatar Diane Hayson ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    if you are looking for a Professional Internationally renowned Spiritual Healer on the Gold Coast, check out Lyza SaintAmbrosena of The Internet Connection at Coomera. Lyza with her husband, Cameron, head this large organisation that run … More Healing Retreats, Channelling Events, and Workshops on all things Spiritual. These includes Women’s and Men’s Events and Retreats, Vegetarian Workshops, Musical Evenings (usually Indie inspired) and many other varied activities. Lyza’s specific gifts are her in depth healing one on one sessions, (where she quickly assesses any blockages or trauma) and her Channelling Sundays direct from Source which are very powerful and life altering. Lyza’s Heart of Women’s Group inspires me and has introduced me to many soul sisters. I am truly grateful for the compassion and love Lyza has given me and given to all she meets.
  • Avatar Jancine Hurst ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Lyza is an incredibly gifted healer who shares her love, empathy, vulnerability and compassion in a truly authentic and deeply present way.Her healings are so pure, her heart so open and the space is so beautifully divine that I feel whole … More heartedly supported and free to feel and fully express whatever I need to, without judgement from myself or Lyza. Her ability to wrap you in her guiding, loving presence is something that I will forever be grateful for. I especially Iove Lyza’s goofy nature and often bear witness to the pure joy and delight she shares at the women’s circles and retreats that she so lovingly holds. There is a sense of belonging, an all encompassing camaraderie with all the beautiful women who attend these events and Lyza. It is to sit in sacredness with oneself and all who share in these experiences. These circles and retreats are such a blessing for us all. Lyza is a beautiful, holistic, dedicated healer. Whether you wish to have a one on one healing session with her, attend a women’s circle, or experience a mixed or women’s retreat, I recommend her with my whole heart. It’s an experience I wish to repeat many times in this life time, and it’s many experiences I shall never forget💖
  • Avatar Maree-Elyse Thomas ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Lyza is a unique, talented and incredibly intuitive connected healer. Her ability to accurately pinpoint an emotional trauma locked within the body or psyche, and understand its origin, is astounding. Lyzas cranio sacral body therapy, … More combined with her experience of energy flow, then allows for the releasing of that “memory”. This is a pivotal part of the transformative healing Lyza has helped so many people with. She has a powerful yet compassionate loving energy, that is uplifting and nurturing at the same time. I always feel safe when having a session with Lyza, and have had life changing “aha” moments and deep shifts physically, spiritually and emotionally from her insights and body work. This has helped me many times when I’ve been “stuck” to move forward on my journey. Lyzas ability to channel divine wisdom, then implement it into healings and readings, is beautiful to experience. I would highly recommend Lyza for a session!! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Avatar Sandra Alexzander ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Lyza is an incredible healer and beautiful person who is very authentic and compassionate in her approach. She has supported me, my husband and children for many years. I feel extremely blessed to have crossed paths with her and so very … More grateful for her love and guidance during some very challenging times. She truly is an angel to me. 💗💗💗
  • Avatar Emelisa Mudle ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    I met Lyza 8 years ago, she came highly recommended by a friend as healer! I remember my first experience on the table with Lyza and the sweet love and nurturing I felt through the session. I felt safe, seen and honoured! Lyza helped me … More see the blocks that are in my way, bringing love to the unseen places and guiding me to let go so that I can live a more empowered self loving life. From that moment my life changed and continues to change in a direction that feels more aligned with who I truly am! I have attended many retreats, meditations and channelings with Lyza and continue to see the magic unfolding as she touches so many souls with her love. Lyza doesn’t just heal others she heals herself and in doing this her love continues to expand and shine brightly and in turn this is gifted to those around her. There are not many souls on this planet who walk with vulnerability, reverence and the passion that Lyza does. I highly recommend Lyza!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Avatar Yoga With Sole ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Lyza is pure joy and such a light to be with. I have worked with Lyza a few times and I left with such a feeling of overwhelming joy, love and gratitude every time. She has such a gift and truly cares for her clients, you can really tell … More in the way she works. I highly recommend working with her. <3
  • Avatar Bridie Cook ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    Fantastic. A truly rewarding experience. Thank you.
  • Avatar Amy Bristol ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    Lyza is a profound healer with unbelievable gifts and a huge heart. Highly recommend her to anyone seeking growth, healing, insight and awakening. She is very special.
  • Avatar Nicole Hill ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    I have experienced the most genuine honest caring guidance to improved self love and understanding of my higher self. Lyza is an incredible presence with insight and intuition that runs deep , she has lifetimes of knowledge and is dedicated … More to sharing with us all. I am so blessed to have met her and to be able to connect with her both online and in person. Forever grateful
  • Avatar Jaiden Gullotta ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    A very genuine being with lots of love to give, as well as being a powerful healer who has helped me be able to move past issues that previously held me back. During a small group session with Lyza, she helped guide and teach me to reach … More my full potential. I highly recommend visiting Lyza.
  • Avatar Lea Smouha ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    Lyza is a beautiful soul who will open her heart and her home for you and hold sacred space. I always feel my heart is overflowing with love and gratitude after every encounter with Lyza; so delighted I found my way to her door 🙏🏼
  • Avatar Ermond Machica ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    Ive been close to Lyza and her work continuously for over 4 years now and the through that time she has ALWAYS been of service holding a space filled with authentic and deep love for everyone. She is a beautiful, grounded, powerful, loving, … More humble, authentic, wise being that oozes out incredible love. The amount of transformations ive witnessed in myself and others is uncountable. Lyza and her huge heart has been such a inspiration and blessing in my life. Thank you.
  • Avatar Lindah Cyprien ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    Lyza Saint Ambrosena has been instrumental in my healing journey. Almost four years ago now I walked into her healing room and instantly felt cared for, her deep calming love and her sense of assurance was all I needed to trust and open … More myself to her kind of healing. I am forever grateful to this earth angel for her love, her wisdom and for her deep deep healing. If your looking for someone to help you crack open your old wounds and let go of old stuff that you might not know how to do yourself , do yourself a favour and let this woman help you. There are a lot of “healers” out there , Lyza is the real deal. Her workshops are wonderful and if you want to feel part of a tribe then Lyza and Cameron’s retreats are a lot of fun but also soothing and healing and you will meet the nicest bunch of people you could wish for. Hand on heart anytime I’m in Lyza’s company something in my heart always let’s go, she helps us see the wanders that we are and I am eternally grateful. ♥️🙏🏼♥️
  • Avatar Jason Hardie ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    Lyza comes from a place of pure light and love that is so refreshing and calming. Thank you Lyza for doing what you do.
  • Avatar Jessica Moran ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Lyza is an amazing healer. I recommend her to anyone who is feeling stuck, in physical or emotional pain, or simply in need of guidance. She is a true miracle worker with a special gift. Always goes above and beyond with her big, loving … More heart ❤️
  • Avatar Melissa Melrose ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    There are only few people I trust deeply to work with energetically. Lyza holds the most beautiful, safe space filled with love. Which allows you to shift and open deeper into those parts of yourself to be released and healed. She sees … More you and authentically cares and the light she shines to guide others back to theirs is a true gift. Highly recommend Lyza to guide you on your healing journey within ❤️🙏
  • Avatar Lauren Dionysius ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    My life is infinitely more blessed with Lyza as a part of it! She has been an integral part of my spiritual/healing journey over the last few months and my life has changed profoundly as a result. She has taught me so much about unconditional … More love and what that even means, both to give freely and to receive wholeheartedly. Never have I experienced so much love surrounding such deep, deep pain. How is that even possible? Never have I felt so safe so quickly. Never have I trusted so implicitly. Never have I felt so "seen". Never have I felt so unconditionally accepted once "seen". Never have I felt so heard. I am so, so grateful & blown away, and I want to thank you Lyza for all of that <3 I love you <3
  • Avatar H.A Mystar ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    Lyza is a Wonderful healer who has helped me to open my heart and release things ( stuck, blocked emotions, old beliefs and patterns) which weren't serving me anymore . It is quite profound to release your own and other peoples attachments … More to you, to learn how closely we are all connected, in some cases these connections aren't for our greatest good and we are unaware that they are there until we move them on. If you are ready to be authentic and genuinely wish to grow, heal and connect with self, I encourage you to seek council with her. There is much work to be done, but I am grateful for her assistance..
  • Avatar Sapphire Magic ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    Lyza is a beautiful person, healer and liver of life. Her one on one sessions, retreats, day events and evening musical sessions are always so special and I continue to gain so much from her. Thank you to you and Cameron for being such … More touch stones xxx
  • Avatar Greasebusters ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    A truely Amazzzing experience. Lyza is such a beautiful soul who has been blessed with a real gift. I highly recommend Lyza's healing to anyone who is going through a difficult emotional time.
  • Avatar Kellee Thomson ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    Lyza is incredibly beautiful. Her hearts desire to see people healed & find freedom working within themselves. She has a wonderful listening heart & also so intuitive to what might be the thing we just need to heal & move forward … More in life. I love her beautiful energy & highly recommend her retreats and healing sessions 💫 thank you Lyza for always serving so purely 🙏
  • Avatar Joyce Wylie ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    I met Lyza about 5 years ago at a sound healing I attended in Burleigh heads, since then I've joined in meditations, women's circle and a very special women's retreat with beautiful sisters. Lyza came into my life when I … More was in great transition, her unwavering support and fierce encouragement is always with me. Lyza is an anchor in my life and her love feels like home. Even if it's long between hugs your are received with an open heart like time doesn't exist, Lyza is a wacky, beautiful, intuitive and powerful healer ♡
  • Avatar Rob Adams ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    Thank you Lyza for being such a unique and loving individual. Your energy and abilities are beyond explanation , its been such amazing life changing experience to be welcomed as part of your tribe . And to be on the receiving end of your … More energy and love .I can't recommend Lyza highly enough. Do yourself and soul a favor and allow lyza to be a part of building the brighter and better YOU .Cheers Rob Adams

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