Embrace your Divine Feminine

6 month womens empowerment program

Awakening the Divine Feminine Within

You're an infinite well spring of divine light, laughter and essence.

You're a creation of overflowing joy and love.

You're ready to take your inner spiritual search to the next level so you can create miracles for yourself and your family.

You're aching for tools and techniques to transform your ordinary to remarkable.

Bursting at the seams to create a new project, idea or Chapter of your life... but unsure of your next Step?

You have more to give the world, but are feeling too overwhelmed, exhausted or nervous to begin?

This is why you're drawn to this sacred immersion into the divine feminine.. your journey includes;

~ Personal sessions with Lyza

~ Healing and Guidance

~ Sisterhood Group experiences

~Transformation of unconscious patterns

~Tools and techniques to uplift, heal and transform your daily life.

With over 30 years in the Personal Transformation industry, I've mentored thousands of women through Life-Changing Shifts in their lives from deep Grief, Pain and Overwhelm  to being able to open themselves up to experience a renewed sense of:

  • Confidence
  • Empowerment
  • Abundance
  • Connectedness
  • Wealth
  • Nourishing Relationships
  • Meaning
  • Dreams coming True
  • Feeling Supported by the Universe

Embody Your Truth

Join us for an online Experience with a select group who are choosing to move forward in life supported Spiritually, Mentally, and Emotionally in the way they create their world.

In the mentoring Sessions, both Group and Personal we will be addressing hidden, unconscious blocks and clearing them, opening you up to the miracles and wonderful opportunities and possibilities that are your birthright.   

You'll experience personal online sessions with me going deeper into your subconscious beliefs about self worth, wealth, relationships and success, working towards you allowing yourself to have it all. You'll receive the benefits of my 30 year experience in the Personal Transformation Profession - Value Usually $280 per session

We meet online together as a Group to clear blocks that are showing up as you move forward. Value $150 per session

You'll receive the Channeling and Intuitive ability and guidance I use naturally for project support - Value.$200 per session

Access to a private supportive Mastermind Group Empowering each other for success. Group energy heals us even more deeply and adds more power and energy to your projects than moving forward alone. $Priceless

You'll receive my favourite Meditations "Guided meditations for a Beautiful Life" Series.

Access to Lyzas online Live Steams of Channeling Divine Guidance Events

I'm Ready to Rise and Shine

6 months, 24 weeks  of Immersion, Clearing, Healing, Rising, Transformation

Your Investment is only $1497 paid upfront in full 


Payment Plan with 6 easy payments of $297


Our next course starts November 2020 

Embrace Your Divine Feminine

Full Payment

One-off payment of $1497.

Payment Plan

With 6 monthly payments of $297 per month.

'It's Your Time~ Rise and Shine Sisters '

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It will be my privilege to assist you to fulfil your dreams of a more fulfilled, empowered confident life passionately sharing your soul with the world through your family, your career and your happiness.

It is common to manifest blocks to success as we begin to raise to our fuller potential. Exhaustion, busyness, overwhelm, procrastination, family or financial issues.

These blocks are often unconscious and are designed to protect us from feeling emotional pain from past, failures, embarrassment, or competitive environments we were unable to thrive in from childhood. 

Some may even be genetic from our parents or grandparents.  As your vibration rises higher with Happiness, Success and Abundance this energy may activate old heavy cellular memories or emotions from our past.

We thus may unconsciously create life scenarios to shut down the RISING sensation of our powerful energy to avoid the old past feelings. 

Let's heal these as we Rise and Shine together as women, as sisters, as we embody the divine feminine essence that is rising through out the earth and within each and every one of us.




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About Your Host

Lyza began her Energy Healing Transformational Sessions at the age of 20, now 30 years later, Lyza has a deep intuition that literally sees the emotional blocks in the cells of your body.

She often sees, feels and understands the situations that may have caused pain, fear or panic in your past that are activating now in your present life unconsciously to keep you safe. Clients from all over the world are benefitting from her healing, intuition, advice and mentoring. 

Other Peoples Experiences

"My name is Sue and after a healing session with Lyza, I have to say it was such a moving and powerful experience words are hard to find. Lyzas beautiful empathetic energy of unconditional acceptance and love for healing others is a true gift and literally flows from her.

I have felt a distinct shift in the form of a tremendous heavy energy that was previously sitting upon me before I saw Lyza which had affected my health and clarity of thought for a very long time.

She has bought a change of lightness and clear clarity which is amazing and my gratitude and thanks cannot be expressed enough. Lyza is genuinely  someone with a pure and gifted spirit."

Sue Spencer

Sunshine Coast

I had a profoundly beautiful, monumentally moving and overall amazing healing session with the always lovely and truly angelic Lyza Saint Ambrosena this morning. A bubble bath this afternoon and feeling quite blissful now. This lady is the real deal. I feel blessed just to know her, it's like being touched by an angel. — feeling loved. 

Suzie Goode


I AM LIKE A TOTALLY DIFFERENT PERSON.  The best thing to come out of our session was that you got rid of so much of my anger and resentment and opened me up to be able to love again. My relationship with my husband and children (particularly my 8-year-old, which I was really struggling with) is a million times better. I am so much calmer and the benefits are huge. Being able to let go of so much has made room for me to look at things much more positively and I want to thank you so much for your help... I am just happy to be able to love again! (crazy how I didn't realise how little love I was able to give till I got home from our session and found myself able to again!!) Thanks again Lyza – hope to see you again soon.

Sonia Johnstone


Sessions with Lyza have helped me gain clarity, fired up my passion, and assisted me in feeling healthier and happier.  Her sessions are holistic, going right to the source to clear deeply engrained emotions, thought patterns and health issues.

Lyza handles all topics with compassion, non-judgment and wisdom.  She is clear and direct and sometimes quite humorous, making sessions fun and relaxed.  Every time we speak, Lyza helps me develop a richer connection with the spiritual vibrance of life.  With her help, I am aligning with my highest potential. Thank You, Lyza!

Ben Elridge

Texas, USA

My session with Lyza was both inspiring & insightful. Lyza tapped into feelings and issues that I keep close to my heart. Her gentle, positive guidance and beautiful wisdom filled my heart and soul. It was amazing. Thank you Lyza. Blessings.

Sue Howell