christmas-love-images-and-wallpaper-4Quality Time – a sacred Gift. Offer the gift of your time such as a high tea date next year with your Mum, or Go Carting with your son, or a bush walk with your friend, color a card with your Quality Time GIFT straight from the heart and GIFT it to your loved ones.

Trim your gift list. Rein in gift exchanges that have been outgrown or lost their meaning. Limit gifts to close friends and family or just the children only, draw names, or organize a gift exchange.

Ask what people want. Rather than strolling through stores for hours, call and find out their faves and this will save you plenty of time, and you know yor efforts will be greatly welcomed.

Wrap as you gxmas1o or get the ladies at the mall to wrap it for you – for a small donation. Dont spend Christmas Eve catching up on wrapping chores? Remember to label WHO the gifts are for as you go.

Call, don’t send cards. Reach out and touch someone … the easy way. Online greeting cards are easy, inexpensive and fun to send. No more lines at the post office!

Scale back décor. Substitute a simple door wreath for outdoor lighting, a tabletop tree for the over-the-top Tower. Focus on the Big Three (front door, tree and a focal point) can bring a festive feel to the house without day-long decorating sessions.

images (13)Prune the to-do list. Ask, “If I don’t do this, what will happen?” Aim to knock down the list of chores to the rock-bottom necessity.

 Cut the clean-a-thon. Focus cleaning attention on kitchen and public rooms; private areas can slide til season’s end.

Downsize dishwashing. Hand-washing fine china is nobody’s idea of a good time, so move to everyday stoneware orrrr  paper plates!

Stay home! Cuddling down close to the hearth beats holiday travel any day. A holiday “stay-cation” allows for evening drives to see the lights, family camp-outs in front of the Christmas tree, and evenings spent with christmas dvd’s, family games and popcorn. Fun!