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Join Lyza in person or online and connect with your infinite potential. 

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Divine Guidance Event

Go beyond our realm for an uplifting, Healing and Soul transforming experience.

Channelling a celestial healing presence, Lyza shares intimate healing, guidance and wisdom during these powerful events. 

Attend in person or online to experience an incredible sense of reconnection, peace and fulfilment from a globally-recognised spiritual healer.

These uplifting sessions help you reconnect with your own infinite love and sense of the Divine.

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Discover and Develop Your Intuitive Gifts and Reconnect with Your Purpose. 

In this insightful, informative and empowering workshop Lyza shares tools from her 30 years of experience.  

Tools to help you discover and develop your natural intuitive gifts and abilities, to heal relationships and your past, to strengthen your life force and your connection to Source.

 As you vibrate at this higher frequency you more easily begin to manifest your life of true happiness.

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