Share some of Lyza's favourite techniques with over 30 years as a healer, teacher and author~ including meditation, spirituality, heart-healing and health.

How to Find The Courage To Start Your Dreams

Unleashing Your Fulfilling Journey: A Heart-Centered Approach to Healing and Manifesting Dreams Do you find yourself yearning to bring your heartfelt dreams to life? As a heart-centered therapist, I understand the challenges that can arise when pursuing your passions, be it constraints on time, finances, external influences, or unforeseen circumstances. Today, let’s explore a transformative […]
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How to Deal with Stress when Triggered by People

As we are all growing more consciously aware of our emotional states and our abilities to embrace and change them, its important to know how to deal with the stress that can be caused when another persons behaviour triggers us emotionally. Emotions such as anger, sadness, grief and frustration can arise and in this video […]
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How to Deepen Authenticity to Heal your Life and Relationships

We can only be authentic when we feel safe to be our true selves… for some, life has become so fast moving and overwhelming that they feel they dont have the time or space to express their true needs, wants or feelings… I’d love to share some light on the benefits of finding somewhere safe […]
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How to Develop Your Intuition ‘tuning in’

Deeply tuning into our intuition is an artform that grows easier with practice, here is a beautiful simple method you can implement right now.. to help ease your stress and help you move forward. Feel free to join me as I share, teach and heal through private healings or online guidance and gatherings as we […]
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Here’s a Quick Easy Technique for Releasing Stress

If you’re feeling stressed at home or with life simply use this beautiful easy technique to release your stress quickly which then gives you time and space to consider the situation and find creative solutions…
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Feeling Stuck ~ Unstucking Yourself ~ Easy method

Hi my loves, I want to share one of my favourite ways of “Unstucking yourself” – Sometimes we can feel so overwhelmed by life that we forget, or don’t have the energy, to DREAM. Without dreams our lives feel lack lustre and a deep soul grief can begin to set in. We can feel stuck… […]
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Benefits of Singing

Why do we encorporate singing into many of our social events with Guest Presenters who encourage us to singlong on our retreats or at our Monthly Gatherings? We all know how much fun singing can be, and now we understand that its so much more and there is science to prove it. 1. Singing releases […]
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Lyza Saint Ambrosena

Switch On Your Healing Hands

Today as I prepare for healings I feel my  hands switch on… tingling sensations, heat, healing, I even feel the chakras starting to spin in my palms, try it… then I feel the heat warm all through my body up to my heart centre where I intend to remain all day till the final client […]
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Sometimes when we are facing a seemingly insurmountable issue, the biggest gift we can give ourselves is to SURRENDER ~ go into SILENCE, Listen to our INTUITION, and then, and only then, follow the action we’ve intuited. Trust the silence, sometimes this stillness can be a space where tears may be released before clarity comes. […]
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