Begin to witness how your energy levels mirror the moon cycles. Honouring our bodies cycles of expansion and introspection help us feel more peaceful.

“Our true nature came from the ether’s and just as surely we shall return there”


If the moons waxing and waning can pull the tides of the ocean then surely it will affect the water in your body… and hence the “expansion or contraction” of your organ function, blood flow, mental function and more.  It’s simple really, As the moonlight grows fuller (waxing) and smaller (waning).. our bodies and energy levels do the same…

HOT TIP #1: Acknowledging the moonlight growing and shrinking can help you to understand and plan your month. As the moonlight WAXES and GROWS.. you’ll have more energy, let yourself be outward and expansive,  just as this is the time to plant, so this is when to Plan Social Events, or work expansion.  yet when the moonlight WANES and appears to Shrink.. let yourself go within, quieten, be more contemplative.  Plan to do less, stay in, get early nights, be more intimate and “complete” things in your life and work.   I recommend keeping a moon journal for a month or 3. Consider when you feel less social (usually the shrinking/waning of the moon), Consider when you feel inspired to create or start new projects (growing/waxing).

HOT TIP #2: Use less stimulants to truly connect with your natural energy cycles to help you gather and tune into your intuition and health more deeply.   The unnatural stimulants of night lighting, multi media, alcohol, drugs or coffee tea etc and we have created a cocktail of stimulation that can keep our candle burning long after our body wants it to, which doesn’t allow us the natural cycle of waning, going inward, resting, internal reflection.

HOT TIP #3:  Be more child like with your body: As a young child we naturally honour our energy levels, we nap when tired, we run when energy abounds and we snuggle, sing, create, or go inward, naturally when we feel we’ve over exerted ourselves.   As we grow older and begin to feel the pressure of completion or competing with ourselves or others, then our need to ‘succeed’ or ‘compete’ or ‘belong’ to a peer group can override our body’s intuition  which can lead to OVER exertion, late nights to strive, or be social, exhaustion, over stimulating, or can lead to another level where our body becomes too relaxed and lazy with the wrong foods and media addiction.

We are natural BE ings ~ Our Bodies KNOW  the time to rise and shine and the time to lay and play.   Be child like, follow nature and  express your energy levels more authentically to experience more health, harmony and happiness.

Happy Moon Gazing my beloveds,

with love,