Sometimes when we are facing a seemingly insurmountable issue, the biggest gift we can give ourselves is to SURRENDER ~ go into SILENCE, Listen to our INTUITION, and then, and only then, follow the action we’ve intuited.

Trust the silence, sometimes this stillness can be a space where tears may be released before clarity comes. Allow them.

Sometimes its a space of letting go of an old dream emotionally and physically, so a new dream can take its place.

Sometimes we must sit in a space of no-thing for an hour, a week, a month, trusting, while a new plan, direction, dream is formulated in our hearts.

Remember we are in a divine fabric of intertwining becoming..

Everything is ultimately always for our good, its either a blessing or a lesson to lead us to a blessing 

I see you <3

I love you and I, where ever we are in this beautiful unfolding of life…

Take heart beautiful ones… we are loved, by each other, and by the beautiful fabric of Grace that flows through us all.

Thank you for your love and support as I bless you with Love and support…

may courage, health, love, blessings find us always <3

with love <3

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