Love horopscopes for November 2015 with LyzaWith the sun shining through the sultry, seductive Scorpio until the 23rd, this will be a minx-y month for all. Cosmic lovebirds Mars and Venus continue to travel side-by-side, making an exact connection in Virgo on the 2nd — a day where romantic plans come together like magic. The new moon on the 11th will rev up your mojo, while the Gemini full moon on the 25th will remind you that it’s just as important to be a lover as it is to be a best friend. Welcome Novembers loving and Romantic Energy with welcome arms.

Scorpio Love Forecast

You love them; you love them not. What’s it going to be, Scorpio? This month you may be more interested in checking out your options than settling down. And with lovebirds Mars and Venus piping through your popularity zone, you’ll have your hands full of admirers. Don’t let a good one slip away just because you’re caught up in the fun. A dashing charmer could come sweep you off your knee-high boots early in the month. But remember — give priority to the person who is both exciting and stable. (This elusive combo does exist.)

The Scorpio new moon, November 11, is an “ask, believe, receive” kind of day. Your wish is Cupid’s command, so be bold whether you’re detouring your amour through the jewelry aisle or making a vision board of your future mate. Or if what you really need is to break free, you’ll have the courage to move on. The full moon on the 25th lights up your seductive eighth house. A sexy spark could become an eternal flame that day, keeping you hot all winter long.

Sagitarius Love Forecast

November is a fantasy-fueled month — for better and for worse. You can’t help but surrender to someone’s sweet gestures, even if you suspect you may be under the spell of a charmer. Wait until the sun heads into Sagittarius for a month on the 23rd before making any firm decisions about your future. One exception: Mars and Venus align on the 2nd, and you could meet your match or hit a major milestone with your boo.

After the 12th, both Mars and Venus will have moved on to your 11th house of community. You could fall head over heels for someone you meet at a group activity. Brains will be the biggest turn-on now, so sign up for an evening workshop or discussion group where you might lock eyes with your intellectual equal. The full moon on the 25th lights up your partnership house, helping you wrap November on a romantic high note. But with the sun and stern Saturn aligned in your sign on the 29th, assert your boundaries. You don’t have to lose your individuality to be part of a couple.

Lyza Horoscope for Love in November 2015Capricorn Love Forecast

It takes a village to keep a relationship going strong, Capricorn. In November, surround yourself with positive couple role models. Their conflict-resolution techniques can keep you riding high with your boo or successfully navigating the harrowing world of dating. But we all get by with a little help from our friends. Let yours play matchmaker this month, especially near the new moon on the 11th.

In a relationship? Socialize more as a couple. You’ll learn lots about your honey from their circle of friends. Mars and Venus ride through your global ninth house until the 8th, so slip off for an adventurous activity-fueled weekend. Single Caps could meet someone while traveling or click with a cutie from a different culture this month. After the 12th, it might just be a work event that shuttles you into the arms of love. Mixing business and pleasure can be a major gamble, though. Don’t go there unless you feel pretty certain there’s hope for more than a hookup.

Aquarius Love Forecast

You’re a team player through and through, Aquarius. But are your #squadgoals interfering with your #lovewins agenda? In November, make sure your honey feels special (read: like more than just one of your many BFFs). Plan one-on-ones and check in before turning every hangout into a group thing. Single? You get so much fulfillment from friendships that you could literally forget to pay attention to amour.That would be a shame since Mars and Venus meet up in your eighth house of seduction and bonding on the 2nd. Hello, soulmate encounter!

Both planets swoop into your ninth house of travel and cross-cultural connections shortly thereafter. From the 12th on, don’t be surprised if you fall for someone from a totally different background than your own. Attached Aquariuses should slip off for their own weekend of fun. Hit the slopes or retreat to the beach to get your romance on. The epic full moon on the 29th could bring a proposal, pregnancy, or fateful introduction to “the one.”

Pisces Love Forecast

You’re 100% down for a serious relationship this November, but you can still have a little fun. Bring on the playdates and adventurous exploration. With the sun in your active, globe-trotting ninth house until the 23rd, you want to be out in the world with the one you love. Get involved in a sport together, or take an exotic vacation. As the expression goes, the couple that plays together stays together. With Mars and Venus pressed together in your commitment zones all month — and making an exact connection on the 2nd — you could very well put a ring on it this month. Single? A getaway with the girls (the wingwoman types, not the clingy ones) could spawn a spicy hookup and maybe even a long-distance love affair. The new moon on the 11th is an ideal day for any kind of amorous travel. Keep your ears perked for accents no matter where you are. A cross-cultural connection could tick off all your requirement boxes for love.

Aries Love Forecast

Mojo rising! You’re quite the minx this month, Aries, with the sun and the new moon lighting a fire in Scorpio and your seductive eighth house on November 11. Let your sultry side out to play. While you’re prone tolove horoscope pursuing, it’s time to let them come to you instead. Drop hints, bat your lashes, and lay the breadcrumb trail. Then, watch them come chasing right after you. Even rams in relationships could benefit from a little cat and mouse game, so don’t be quite so available. With cosmic couple Mars and Venus conjoined in your commitment sector (Libra) from the 12th on, a relationship could become exclusive. If you’re ready to rock a ring, an engagement could be in the stars this month. The vibes lighten up after the 23rd, setting the stage for an adventurous and romantic vacay.

Taurus Love Forecast

Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella, step to the left. Tauruses are rocking the tiaras this month as the stars set the stage for fairy-tale-level romance. Let your passionate side out to play. Amidst the cries of, “Get a room,” you could seriously hone in on “the one” — especially under the new moon in Scorpio on 11/11. If you have an existing connection with someone, now is the time when you may find it becoming more exclusive.

Mars and Venus co-mingle in your playful fifth house until the 8th, so dress up and enjoy some decadence with your amour. After the 12th, both planets park in your serious sixth house, making planning your priority. Set up a shared calendar with your sweetie, so you can pencil in one-on-one time. Getting healthy together could bring you closer, too. Regale each other with morning smoothies, and hit the gym for buddy workouts. Single? Slip on some yoga pants and see who’s smiling at you while you’re breaking a sweat on the elliptical.

Gemini Love Forecast

Taking things one step at a time is so not the Gemini way. But November’s flashing the yellow light, cautioning you to slow down — be it your spiraling thoughts or your up-tempo push for a formal relationship title. With the sun in your process-driven sixth house until the 23rd, let things unfold organically. Enjoy the sexy buildup of those courtship rituals.

After the 12th, lusty Mars and Venus flow through your passionate fifth house, proving that good things come to those who wait. A dashing babe could sweep you off your stilettos, or your sweetie could surprise you with a seriously romantic gesture. The sun heads into Sagittarius and your commitment house on the 23rd, making your duos more dynamic and dependable. But that’s no excuse for getting absorbed in couple-land. Continue developing your independent interests. Your full and fascinating life is what makes you so attractive.

Cancer Love Forecast

November is all romance all the time for Cancers — and you’ll be shameless about pursuing it. Even the shyest among you will be uncharacteristically bold about announcing your desires. If you see something, say something — whether you’re dropping a witty compliment or sending a sultry pic in appreciation of the one you adore.

The new moon on the 11th will illuminate a promising prospect or rev up the romantic vibes for Cancers in relationships. (P.S. there could even be a bauble or baby involved.) After the 12th, Venus and Mars settle down in your domestic zone, putting you in the mood to play house. And every Cancer knows how to make the magic happen behind closed doors. Coupled? Cohabitation could be a hot topic in the second half of November. If you already share a nest, how about hosting Thanksgiving? This might be the optimal time to meet the parents or revel in the cozy, family-friendly vibes your sign loves.

Lyza Horoscope for Love in November 2015Leo Love Forecast

Yawn, stretch! It’s getting pretty cozy in Leo-land this November. Spooning on the couch, making dinner together, spending time in — there’s nothing sultrier than a lioness in her lair. Just be careful, because “comfortable” could morph into “complacent” pretty fast, especially in the first half of the month. Make a point of getting out for some playdates with your honey. Or if you’re busily swiping right, plan some actual IRL meet-ups.

The new moon on the 11th activates your coquettish charms with some cooperation from Mars and Venus, and after the 12th, you’ll feel like your social self again. Bundle up and hit the party circuit or a few cultural events and openings. On the 23rd, the sun blazes through your festive fifth house for a month. Anywhere but home is where you’ll want to be then. You could meet a mate on the dance floor or through the introduction of mutual friends.

Virgo Love Forecast

Ask and ye shall receive — well, on November 2nd at least. That day, cosmic lovebirds Mars and Venus host a rare, enchanted encounter in Virgo, urging you to make a bold romantic request. Venus lingers in your sign until the 8th and Mars ‘til the 12th. Tap into this mojo to design the relationship status that works for you.

Some Virgos might actually require a longer leash in November, when the new moon on the 11th sounds a code-red flirt alert. Work those digital dating apps, but stay alert. Your kismet encounter could happen anywhere from the elevator to the latte line that day. Settle into a steadier groove after the 23rd, when the stars spin slow jams for you and one special soul. Ready to settle down — or maybe settle in? Cohabitation could become a hot topic near the 29th, or you may finally see a few permanent hangers in your honey’s closet.

Libra Love Forecast

Is it 2015 or 1915? You’re feeling rather old-fashioned this November as the sun simmers in your slow-jamming second house. Relax into this retro groove, and allow yourself to be courted and wooed. The new moon on the 11th could attract a sophisticated soulmate or help coupled Libras with planning a shared goal for the future. But before you get too settled in, lovebirds Venus and Mars shift gears, moving into Libra from the 8th (Venus) and 12th (Mars) onward. And it’s not so often that these planets align, much less in your sign. Your powers of attraction will be off the charts under this starry spell, so don’t settle for less than your heart’s desire. You can afford to be a bit more demanding, as long as you don’t trek into diva terrain. After the 23rd, your flirty nature goes into overdrive. Forget about waiting on the velvet fainting couch. Get out and pursue! The full moon on the 25th could add a spicy hookup to your November adventures, perhaps with a traveler who’s in town for Thanksgiving.