Lyza Saint Ambrosena Energy Healings

Visit with Lyza Saint Ambrosena for Energy Healings

We are so naturally blessed with natural intuitive healing abilities and yet sometimes we forget. Remind yourself of the light that you are and practise practise practise.

Practise seeing, feeling, surrendering to, & generating LIGHT through your palms and whole body… Light begets light. Focusing on Light generates more of it.
The light that arrives to assist within my clients healing sessions is tangible in their bones, cells & bloodflow ushering massive life shifts and heartfelt surrender to the light that they are within them.

I encourage them to treat themselves gently after their sessions with rest, hydration, sunlight etc to encourage their cells to surrender to this level of light that now flows through them.
Often it feels for the clients as if they have “returned” to themselves… this is reflected by their enhanced cellular vibration holding more of their own life force, their own light.

Surrender to the light within you