How Your Face Reveals Your Health
by Kathy Thompson
Your face is a road map of your mind (it shows your personality), and your health. The different parts of your face reveals the status of your health. Those parts also correlate with different organs of the body and their healthiness.Remember these health conditions may be indicated, and not for certain. Check with your doctor if you suspect problems. Any imbalance in the diet can cause an imbalance in facial features.

The nose is linked with your lungs. Long thin nostrils indicate weak lung power with less physical stamina. A person with long thin nostrils requires plenty of exercise and deep breathing. Wide nostrils show strong lung power and good physical vitality, strength and self-confidence.

A red bulbous greasy nose, possibly with the veins showing may indicate high blood pressure, heart and liver disorders. An indentation or cleft on the tip of the nose may also show heart or circulatory problems. A dull ache in the nose could indicate blood stagnation and possible heart trouble from  eating rancid oils. A soft water nose shows too much intake of alkaline foods and a swollen heart. Sneezing is a discharge of excess alkaline  in the system, examples; sugars, liquids, drugs, etc.

Hollow and sunken cheeks show weak lungs and digestive organs; improper nutrition or malnutrition, physical exhaustion and poor endurance. A hollow area in front of the ear opening denotes sub-normal secretion or saliva and inefficient food assimilation.

Face pimples may indicate too much sugar, fat, pastries, candy, meat, eggs, fish. 

The face color also plays a part in showing health. Bluish, red and white spots or a habitual red flushed face may indicate heart disease, too much bile, fever, and inflammations. Blood becomes too thick to circulate through the body and results in stagnation and redness. This comes from too much meat, salt, sugar.

Orange or yellow skin shows liver, gal bladder, spleen, and pancreas disorders. Sweets and sugar can  cause it.

Greenish skin may show liver disease and possible cancer. A pale face and cheeks indicate weak glands, congested and inactive liver and anemia. Thin, white transparent cheeks show weak glands, stomach, lungs and lack of energy.

White patches on the face show liver and kidney disorders. It may be from too many dairy foods, fats, sugars.

Veins and blood vessels showing at the temples may indicate heart, liver, and gall bladder disease.  Cheeks tinged with veins indicate heart and stomach disorders due to gluttony and alcohol.

Damp, clammy and excessive perspiration on the face indicates too much food, heart and kidney disease. Yellow, waxy or pasty faces show liver, stomach and gall bladder trouble.

A double chin may be a sign of excessive cholesterol and fatty deposits throughout the body. A small, narrow and receding chin may show less physical endurance. A weak chin may be caused by poor quality foods during pregnancy, especially calcium deficiency resulting in insufficient jaw bone formation.

The mouth and lips are at the uppermost position of the digestive system, which ends in the anus.  The mouth and lips can show deeper internal problems. 

Red or pale lips may indicated disorders in the stomach and intestines; compacted colon, constipation, indigestion.

A large loose, open mouth and lips may mean an expanded colon and stomach. It generally shows a rebellious and uncontrolled nature in mental and physical habits. A closed even mouth and lips, show a controlled mental and physical nature.

Wrinkles above the lips indicate sexual and hormonal malfunctioning. The mouth also indicates the condition of the spleen. A lack of vertical indentation, short distance between the nose and upper lip and thin pale lips denote weak internal glands, hormones, and sexual powers. A horizontal crease over the groove also shows malfunctioning sex glands.

Cracks at the corners of the mouth can show Vitamin B2 deficiency, digestive and stomach disorders. Sores on the lips may indicate intestinal, stomach toxemia and general body congestion. Tight, constricted lips show contraction of the intestines and vagina. A small mouth shows energy,  physical and mental vitality.  A swollen lip indicates stomach disorders.

A dry, thin, scaly and mottled appearance of the lower lip indicates a disorder of the salivary glands. A  thin pale and dry upper lip indicates weaknesses of the reproductive system.

Whiteness around the mouth and pale lips indicate anemia, poor circulation, blood stagnation and lack of expression.

Pink lips (Caucasian race) indicate good nutrition and health. Darker races can catch the condition of the gums, they should be pink, denoting good health. White gums show poor health and anemia.

Dark lips (Caucasian race) shows liver, kidney, and gall bladder trouble. Excessive bright red lips show high blood pressure, acute disease or infection, toxic liver and hemorrhoids. Purple lips indicate blood stagnation, diseased heart and circulatory system.

 If the corners of the mouth turn down, it could mean stomach disorders.

Sparse eyebrows can indicate a weakening health condition. Eyebrows that slant down show a more gentle and compassionate nature.

The ears show the condition of the kidneys and adrenals. A creased ear lobe may show heart disorders or diabetes. A large ear lobe shows a healthy constitution. For good health, the ear should be thick, have a large and well formed inner ear, and a fleshy and thick inner ridge.

Small ears and lobes indicate weak adrenals and small kidneys. Ears that protrude show an impulsive and emotional personality. Red ears denote a possible toxic condition and an overworked kidney. If the outer portion of the ear is red, it could indicate spleen disease. Too much wax is a sign of too much fatty foods.

Remember, these are only signals that MAY occur.  Consult your doctor for any concerned areas.


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