American Indian Flute & Meditation to connect with Inner Guidance, Healing and Ancient energy.

Enjoy the rich tones of the American Indian Flute played by Walter Smith during a meditation to regenerate our energy fields.

Find a place to lie down, relax, take a deep breath, listen & Let go…

Lyza Saint Ambrosena and Guided Meditation with American Indian FluteHere is the value of Guided visualisation meditation … we can regenerate our bodies by visualising energy filling us up. By creating deep rest and relaxation in the cells we create healing benefit. Its easier to tap into our inner wisdom when we can create a stillness in our mind, a calmness in our body and then listen to our inner voice.

Join us in the Guided meditation here to connect with inner guidance, healing and ancient energy.

Enjoy, with Love,


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Lyza Saint Ambrosena

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