Opening your chakras is one of the most healing things you can do to find inner peace, let go, relax and get your life back into balance and harmony. As a healer, I find some chakras in my clients have been locked up with emotion, turmoil, sadness, pain, grief or shame for 20 or 30 years, it’s Life changing when they finally release these emotions. It’s phenomenal.

So sit back, relax, click the play button, take a deep breath, listen and enjoy…

Why Open Up the Chakra’s? Chakra’s are the energy centres of the body… where energy emanates from healthy glands. When our glands flow clearly, so do our thoughts, our energy levels, and our biological systems. If you’d like my Chakra Meditation as a CD or MP3 form, for your phone CLICK HERE. You’ll find it remarkable for calming the mind and regnerating the body.

Chakra Exuberance with Lyza Saint Ambrosena