sacred womens businesswith Lyza saint ambrosenaA huge storm blew through on the evening of the new moon October 13th when we were due to gather under the stars to watch the sunset and enjoy  our  SACRED WOMENS BUSINESS gathering , Lets gather together for the next new moon November 12th Thursday 5.30pm… (womens only event)…          Until then….  I’ve added a variety of interpretations on this October New Moon… enjoy …*NEW* MOON in Libra is here continuing to bring the energy of balance and attuning us to the nuances that mirror where change needs to occur.  Our medicine for these times is self-love, forgiveness, and an active awareness in rewiring our unconscious responses into more conscious expressions of our truest Self.  Opportunities abound so let’s summon patience and kindness for all.  Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved interpreters of the planetary shifts. First from the insightful PAT LILES  from The Power Path.com:
“The intensity of September with its eclipses, equinox and Mercury retrograde is integrating.
“We recognize the need for rest and self care in times like those, and we have come to appreciate the hugeness of energy that we can meet physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually using all the tools we have cultivated to become more conscious.
“This past week kept us on our toes as the Libra Sun squared Plutochallenging us to see our own unconscious part in our relationships…”
“New Moon in Libra will without a doubt spotlight our experiences of balance…”
“With the Libra Sun and Moon in opposition to Uranus this New Moon, we may be engaged in finding balance as Uranus will tend to disrupt anything that only resembles balance or is veneered in harmony but really is denial of needs unexpressed.
“If you find sudden upset, volatility and your inner rebel showing up, it’s a pretty sure sign some disruption might be a good thing in certain areas of your life. She/he is getting on her high horse to break free from situations where clear and free expression of truth is way tamped down.
“Or it just might be right timing for those big changes you’re been holding at arms length. Radical shift can emerge for some who are directly affected by this Uranus opposite Sun/Moon influence.”
“…Mercury is exactly on the North Node at 1º Libra. As we begin this New Moon cycle of the year lead by the Libran archetype, Mercury’s emphasis is, ‘honor your communications as a cutting edge path of growth’.
“Listen with an open mind; speak from your truth. Let appreciation, kindness, and clarity define your connection to others.
“Libra desires partnership between equals, equanimity, the calm place between breaths. Bring that into your communications. Let that be your point of growth. The North Node challenges us to be all we can be.
“Mars and Jupiter are very close in Virgo and trined by Pluto. That’s big earthy support for making big plans and keeping track of the details to make it happen. If you’re ready for a bid for power in your life, these planets will have your back.
“….Libra’s theme of Self and Other means every meeting, experience, encounter is a reflection of ourselves and what we have created. Use Libra’s neutrality to observe what is being reflected to you so perfectly in the mirror that is the outer world.”
© Copyright 2015 ~PAT LILES All Rights Reserved
Woman on the Mountain with the Moon in the back ground From CATHY PAGANO from her Wisdom of Astrology:  With the waves from last week’s lunar eclipse still rippling through the atmosphere, it might be a good time to stand still, take a breath and center yourself.  “For Libra’s scales to be balanced, the center must hold. Good advice for most situations we find ourselves in.  “The balance that Libra strikes is not only between yourself and another, but between your inner and your outer lives.  “It’s time to attune ourselves to the stillness at the center of silence…”  “Uranus in Aries opposes this Libra New Moon, reflecting back to us a strong sense of our individuality, which isn’t always the best thing in a relationship. Extreme or erratic responses to others can upset the balance, within and without.  “Uranus urges us to break free from false constrictions in our relationships. We need to express our feelings to be intimate and know that we are heard. Otherwise, the relationship isn’t the life-giving mirror it could be.
“The best way to handle this opposition is to see the deeper meaning in our actions and allow the archetypes to channel the energies. Believe in your purpose, believe in yourself. Then you can stand up for yourself in a relationship without having to harm your partner.
Understand who you truly are in Spirit and the balance can be struck. With both the rulers of Aries and Libra in Virgo, the desire to get it right will go a long way in striking a fair balance…”
“With Pluto and Uranus on-board for this Libra New Moon, we can have extreme reactions to people, but it is also possible to find new ways of relating to others that are peaceful, considerate and connected…”
“These three planetary energies create tension until we can add the 4th, which in this case is Cancer energy. We need the patience and nurturing of the Mother as well as her emotional intelligence and caring to bring about this balance.
“If we can leave our old patriarchal rules of relationship behind (Pluto in Capricorn), standup for who we really are (Uranus in Aries) and do it with loving kindness (Cancer), we can plant that new seed of possibilities in all our relationships (Sun & Moon in Libra).”
“…All relationships need good communication, and it’s up to us to use our words well. Words create as well as kill…”
“So you can see that this New Moon in Libra can be full of tension or a turning point once again in our lives. It all comes down to Choice. What choices we make determine how things will change or remain the same. It’s up to each of us.”
© Copyright 2015 ~CATHY PAGANO All Rights Reserved
womanholdingmoonFrom the wonderful DIVINE HARMONY:  Because the New Moon is opposite Uranus and quincunx Chiron there is a deeper energy to be aware of in the coming month.   “Our task is not to seek for love (as Rumi says) but merely to seek and find all the barriers within ourselves that we have built against it. “With Uranus the rebel and revolutionary and Chiron the Wounded Healer teaming up with this New Moon- we may be initiating ourselves into a month long process of truly feeling all our wounds and pain, anger and rage that keep us from experiencing the deeper Love we seek- both within and without.
You cannot heal what you cannot feel– so the coming month brings with it deep opportunities to get deeply in touch with that which runs you Unconsciously so that you can integrate it, heal it and take conscious creative control of your life back!
“Right on the heels of the Eclipse portal and a 2 year period of time where we had four Total Eclipses back to back (termed a tetrad)- the way we do relationship with ourselves and others has been in breakdown and breakthrough territory.
“Wherever imbalances have been playing out in our inner and outer lives- we have been forced to face them and take full responsibility for them if we want to be able to have any chance at transforming or healing them…”
“Ultimately we are all seeking to become whole- whether that takes years or lifetimes. And the Libra scales of balance remind us thatwhen we don’t own something in ourselves we will project it out onto others.
“And in order to do the inner work required of us we have to be willing to take back that projection and become conscious of that energy within ourselves- which will necessarily change the dynamic in relationships.
“The change could seem to be for the better or it could seem to be for the worse- but change is definitely the constant on the evolutionary path. There is no escaping it!
“This New Moon in Libra also activates the Venus/Saturn square…Venus square Saturn tests the foundations in relationships and financial situations.
“Saturn’s harsh Light shows us very clearly what is working and what is not. With this insight we can work to making something more stable OR we could realize that we have come to the expiration date and it’s time to let go.
“It’s definitely a heavy energy but when used consciously it can help us cut away the superfluous and get to the Truth.
“This particular square is in Virgo and Sagittarius…so there is an element of discernment (Virgo) and honest to God Truth (Sadge) that is being demanded of us.
“The New Moon semisquares both Venus and Saturn- meaning that the New Moon is at the exact midpoint of these two bodies. Because Venus actually rules this lunation (Venus rules Libra)- we again get this message (and it will keep coming until we listen to it) about what is done and needs to be released, what is not working and needs to be fixed, and what is still growth producing and can stick around.
“Venus rules relationships and romance but she also rules self-value, self-worth and self-Love. This New Moon can bring usopportunities to see where we are not being self-Loving in the choices we make and things we do and what shifts or changes we need to make in our lives so we can align with and truly embody the Love we seek outside of ourselves.
“…evolution is circular not linear- and there are times we loop back over lessons we learned previously so we can take our mastery of them deeper.
“Yet until we have really committed to this inner process and inner work- all our outer reflections and relationships are going to be attracted into our lives to help us see what is not working inside.
“This can manifest as intense, karmic and at times traumatic relationships that are in our lives to solely wake us up.
“But when we are already on the path of waking ourselves up we don’t need to attract someone to play that role for us- and that changes the dynamic in all of our relationships (again this is about shifting out of role based relationships that keep us stuck in karmic patterns of the past).”© Copyright 2015 ~DIVINE HARMONYAll Rights Reserved
Libra WomanFrom the inspired KELLEY ROSANO“You are in relationship with life. Do not be a bystander. Get involved…     New Moons are new beginnings. Now is the time for action…You are powerful creator. What do you want to create?”   “You are here to Live Your Best Life. Love Your Business. Love your life. Work with Passion.    “The Law of Attraction is always matching. The energy you send out is the results that you get back.  “What are you broadcasting? It is time for radical change. It is time to deal with the problem directly. Do what is right for you. Do what empowers you.  “You want to be in right relationship. Right work. Right living location. The right environment that encourages your creativity.  Affirm in the positive what you want to attract…” “No matter the question, love is the answer. Love you. Love life. Love one another. Love.” © Copyright 2015 ~KELLEY ROSANO All Rights Reserved