How to Manage Stress with Herbal Tea with Lyza Saint Ambrosena1.   Green Tea:

All the mental & physical get up and go but MUCH BETTER FOR YOU than black tea & coffee!!!

Health benefits: Increases mental stamina while being healthier on your body than coffee or black tea. Less physical or mental side effects, less addictive. Green tea is full of antioxidants called catechins; a subgroup known as EGCG may ward off everything from cancer to heart disease.  One study found that each daily cup of green tea consumed may lower the risk of cardiovascular disease by 10 percent. Be sure to use organic green tea where possible. If you’re sensitive then don’t drink it after 2 pm as it could keep you mentally simulated into the evening otherwise.

2.    Ginger Tea:

Simply place slices of Raw Ginger Root in your Mug, add boiling water & enjoy an uplifting Tea.

  Health Benefits: Ginger Tea can aid digestion, reduce inflammation, Uplift your mood, help you breathe more deeply by expanding the lungs and aid menstrual flow and blood circulation. It is valued for its wondrous qualities that help cure a number of common diseases and is a source of a as vitamin C and magnesium. Ginger tea is a remarkable stress reliever because of its comforting and relaxing scent. Ginger tea is best prepared with honey, lemon juice or peppermint. With all of the great benefits it offers, you can never go wrong with drinking a cup of ginger tea.

How to Manage Stress with Lemon Myrtle Tea and Lyza Saint Ambrosena 3.    Lemon Myrtle Tea:

Use freshly picked lemon myrtle leaves if you can, add water & enjoy the instant aroma & benefits.

Health Benefits: :Lemon Myrtle Tea has a naturally relaxing effect, that also improves concentration and promotes better sleep. The key ingredient in lemon myrtle is the high concentration of citral in its leaves. Almost 100% more than in lemons and limes. Scientific studies have shown Citral …

  • is an anti-fungal agent.
  • Citral is non-acidic.
  • Citral is high in anti-oxidants.
  • Citral can inhibit a pathogen that causes of many gastro-duodenal diseases, including ulcers.
  •  Can aid in the reduction of cellulite and boost the immune system.
  • A pleasant tasting tea, it is used alone or in combination with green tea as a caffeine free replacement for coffee and black tea.

How to Manage Stress with Licorice Tea and Lyza Saint Ambrosena 4.    Licorice (Root) Tea

Even if you don’t like licorice,  you will love licorice tea, ideal as a relaxing tea before bed.
Health Benefits reported by herbalists and other natural therapists include: relief of constipation, anti-inflammatory properties, stomach lining protection from strong medications, aiding bronchial disorders,  neutralising toxins, can be beneficial in treating liver disorders, is used as a substitute for St. Johns Wort as a treatment for depression, easing pre-menstrual tension (PMS) and low blood pressure though do not consume it too often over a long period of time, many health care practitioners recommend that its use be limited to 3 cups a day for a period of no more than four weeks. Try combining it with lemon, honey, peppermint. Roman legions used liquorice to help increase stamina and endurance. Be sure to have it on an empty stomach. Ideal as a nightcap.

5.    Lemon Balm Tea

Pick it from the garden and add to boiling water for a refreshing lift to your mood & to ease you into sleep.

Health Benefits: An easy-to-grow plant, lemon balm is helpful for lifting the spirits. “It’s good for the winter blues,”, “and it can help improve concentration.” Lemon balm is high in vitamin C and is a great immune booster, plus it is safe for children and may help prevent nightmares when consumed before bed. This herb also makes a refreshing iced tea, and can be flavoured with lemon or maple syrup.