Here’s a carefully selected summary of Astrological predictions for each starsign for 2015

Aries 2015

For Aries the year 2015 promises to deliver a box full of golden opportunities! Jupiter will be transiting the domestic cancer bringing arrays of contentment and protection to the home front. In the first half of the year Jupiter also promises to expand all matters concerning education and those who desiring to complete a degree. The first half of the year will provide you with the opportunity to move in to bigger home or get that new car you always wanted. Relationship with mother will expand and this period will be favorable for her.

Staying fit and healthy should be your priority as it can avoid sudden health problems, so take care of health.

Career horizons will widen giving ample opportunities in work front. Ketu transiting your 12th house may make u travel to foreign countries or seek spiritual pilgrimages and learning.

The second half of the year Jupiter enters Leo hence it will be beneficial for the 5th house of expression, children, learning, creativity, speculative business and romance. Additionally long distance travelling, marketing and product development internationally would be beneficial. Relation and bond with father, teachers and Gurus will strengthen. You might feel more confident and enthusiastic; this will help uplift your persona and may bring you fame.

In the Final quarter of the year, Saturn may give you financial responsibilities so be careful with your expenditures. There might be increased competitiveness, chances to win lawsuit and cure any outstanding diseases. Many might start a new business or get the chance to get a promotion. In the period September to October there might be some delays and misunderstanding with co-workers but with positivity and refocus you will get over all this.

Venus in the second half the year will give you the chance to enjoy yourself in parties and socialize with family and friends.

Taurus 2015

Year 2015 promises a remarkable start for Taureans as Jupiter transits the 3rd house expanding communication, courage, short distance travel, writing, sales, and media related matters. Those who are interested in arts, acting and music will try to expand their interest by joining some class. Jupiter will throw its benefic influence on the 7th house of marriage and partnerships fostering romance and love.

Jupiter glance at your 9th house which will help foster matters related to father, teachers, long-distance travel and religious affairs. Travelling abroad may seem occur easier than ever. Don’t miss the chance!

Jupiter will also brighten up matters related to the 11th house. You may achieve higher profits and gains in your income. Your network circle and friendships may increase during this period

Saturn in the seventh house may cause some delay in marriage and partnership related matters. Don’t worry! This period will prepare you and give patience and discipline

Rahu in the 5th house of love and creativity will give you passion with obsession. The key of this game is to be truthful in all your romantic endeavors and be careful in relationships. Pressure and completion in work front may arise. This period will be favorable for winning against lawsuits and business competitors. Try to be proactive by exercising and eating healthy during this period. Also keep up with your routine health checkup.

In the second half of the year Jupiter enters Leo, giving happiness and protection to your mother and fostering real estate matters. Jupiter transits the 4th house which will assist in getting brilliant education and purchasing new home or new car. Jupiter will glance at the 8th house giving you a sudden interest in astrology, physics, astronomy and psychology.

Gemini 2015

Gemini’s should be prepared as 2015 promises to be a box full goodies and wonderful surprises. Jupiter transiting your second house blesses you with an rise in your income, better eyesight and enhanced verbal ability. Your desires will surely be granted and this year will prove to be the cherry on top of your destiny. Be careful with your weight as you might start comfort eating. You might have to compete with your coworkers in the work front with more projects in hand. Yoga will help to counteract the stress and workload.

Fame and recognition will grace you with open arms, hence get put your best foot forward. The first half of the year will prove rewarding, expanding your courage, short distance trips, relation with neighbors and siblings. Your siblings will make you proud with their success and achievements you might acquire a liking for arts, music, acting and this will urge you to take a class.

Saturn in the 6th will give you focus in your work front with more discipline and hard work. This will be the perfect time for learning new work skills, hiring new employees, competing against rivals. You have to have to take action in legal matters.

Second half the year rahu will be transiting your 4th house, which will give strong desires to move resident to a foreign country. Relation with mother may strain, hence take time out to pamper your mother with love and care. Added expenditures may soar creating stress, hence spend wisely! You might feel like spending some alone period for spirituality and introspection. Yoga and meditation would be helpful with any sleep disorder, so start breathing right. Be careful with investments, stock market and speculative businesses during this time.

After July you will the chance to wear your party shoes and socialize with your friends with many celebrations and gatherings.

Cancer 2015

For Cancerians, 2015 will be fantastic in some arenas of life. This year you will be dedicating it to yourself, increasing your body confidence and attracting more opportunities. Your health will remain robust however keep an eye on your food intake. You will shine in the spotlight like a twinkling star garnering recognition and self-confidence. Wedding bells will ring for those who are waiting to get married. Jupiter aspects the 7th which will help increase business clients and networking. Investing in the entertainment and sports sector will prove beneficial during the first half of the year.

Rahu will enter Virgo giving strength to your 3rd house of communication, writing, arts, travel, sales, marketing and media. You must try to be compassionate and caring towards your siblings to avoid any confusion. Worldly ambitions will give you victory in media, publishing and marketing arenas.

Saturn in Scorpio will delay the 11th house of social networking, desires and profit. You might have to work harder and longer to fulfill your goals. Patience is the key to your success!

From July onwards Jupiter will provide positive solutions to resolve financial issues. Foreign travel and spiritual studies may prove fruitful. Try to be more sensitive and caring towards your father, teachers and gurus, as it will amplify your dharma.

Leo 2015

Leos will be getting a mixed bag of results in 2015 with Jupiter entering cancer in the 12th house. Jupiter will be guarding your legal, debts, and losses matters. However you must take every step carefully and wisely to avoid troubles. Jupiter will glance at your 6th house facilitating your queries regarding competitors and any health issues.

Saturn will be transiting the domestic 4th house. You may face some delays and obstacles regarding purchasing a new house or car, but with patience and positivity it all may seem easier. You must not get upset with behavior of your family, as the second half of the year will prove to resolve and improve these issues. “Keep calm and avoid conflict” is the key motto for you in 2015. Try not to take any short cuts in your career path, also remain focused and committed to your work.

In second half of 2015, Jupiter in the will enter Leo, expanding self-confidence, starting of a new project and recognition.

Rahu will enter your 2nd house increasing your worldly desires and income. Shopping for luxurious items may be your new obsession. Your family may be going through some new changes and you may be more verbally audacious during this period.

Venus may make you fall in to a new romantic relationship or may urge you to start a creative project. Your intelligence will be under challenge as mercury retrogrades in the last part of 2015. Be careful with your planning and negotiations.

Overall 2015 promises abundant guidance and the forces will be assisting you to press the right buttons for, having a comfortable path.

Virgo 2015

Jupiter will grace your 11th house giving you abundant sources of profits and fulfillment of desires. You will enjoy socializing and expanding your network circles. Jupiter will glance at your 5th house giving you ample amount of happiness with love affairs, children, entertainment, speculation and sports.

This will be a great period to do some merrymaking with family and especially bonding with siblings. Be very careful with health as Rahu enters the first house. Try to stay attached with your marriage partner during the first half of the year. Venus will be bringing some balance between fun and romance in your personal life. It’s time to party! Friends and family may invite you for parties and events.

In the second half of 2015, you should be careful with investments and new ventures. Expenditures may soar creating stress levels to rise. However it is better that you plan ahead and keep working hard in order to progress further. You need to remain calm and do not panic for small things, as nothing extreme is going to occur. With a little patience and composure you will be able to achieve great things.

Libra 2015

Librans will be kick starting the New Year with ample career opportunities, growth and recognition. This will also give you a rise in your career, increasing your income, chances of buying properties and better relations with your family. Those searching for a new job or wishing for a promotion will prove fruitful. Issues related to lawsuits, rivalry and competitors will be on your favor.

Saturn may slow you down at first and the lessons may seem daunting, but in the long run you will develop patience and resilience.

Rahu in the second half of the year might create obstacles however you will discover a charismatic persona in yourself. Be careful and sensitive towards your spouse, as Rahu can confuse sometimes.

Venus will sway you towards the tunnel of love and romance, hence be ready for a lovely ride! You will acquire a new energy and reinvent your confidence with a makeover or a new haircut.

Second half of the year will prove to be beneficial and lucky. Keep up the hard work and positive spirit. Travelling will seem hectic and you may need to take some rest. Saturn will be transiting your 2nd house indicating that you should save more and spend less during this period. Try to remain calm and don’t involve yourself in verbal disagreements.

Overall 2015 will be very favorable with added responsibility. Now it is your part to plan everything in order to avoid confusion and embrace good opportunities.

Scorpio 2015

2015 promises a remarkable and successful start for Scorpios. Happiness and joy will come your way with a lot of ease and delight. Saturn will take you on a unexpected trip around the world. It’s always good to explore rather than be bored, isn’t it? Everything will blossom well in family matters. Love will be in the air! This will give you a lot of pleasure. Saturn sitting in the first house will be beneficial for all overachievers and workaholics, giving you abundant determination, discipline and organization skills. Marriage relations might feel strained and dull; however acquiring an optimistic and jovial spirit will help to sort out those concerns. All your financial worries will get sorted in 2015. From April onwards, Mercury will help to open communication and negotiations in business deals and relationships.

In July, Jupiter will enter Leo in your 10th house of career, widening your career horizons with luck and fame. This will also help get you that promotion or that job you were waiting for. Expansive Jupiter will give solutions for any professional matters with success. In the second half of the year your worldly desires will magnify giving you the courage to go after your dreams. You can expect a sudden inflow of money during this period. Your social circles will increase giving you a chance to network with foreigners. Your siblings will make you proud with their rapid growth and success. You might be facing problems related to sleep, so why not try some yoga?

In the second half of the year Venus will bring you a creative, pleasure seeking and socially active phase. It will be very beneficial for artists, actors and public speakers. Be a tad bit careful with your communications related to bosses and seniors.

Sagittarius 2015

Jupiter will be transiting cancer in the 8th house of change and reformation. You will acquire ample amount of luck in the areas of banking, loans, partner’s money, settlements, investments and inheritance. Jupiter will bless with the knowledge and interest in the areas of astrology, psychology and metaphysics. Jupiter will influence your 12th house and will induce your interest in spirituality, visiting ashrams, pilgrimage and charity. Be ready to pack your bags for a trip abroad. Those wanting settle abroad will get opportunity this year. Some sudden changes may occur in your family relationships; however you will acquire the strength from within to deal with it.

Your financial obligations will get dissolved easily. Your income will get boosted and you will be free of any outstanding debts. You must be careful with your diet and daily habits! There might be a change of residence or property. Your relationship with your mother will be become stronger during this time.

Saturn in Scorpio transiting your 12th house will give you more responsibilities and some delays. All concerns regarding finance will be resolved. Be careful and responsible about your spending habits. Romantic relationships may seem daunting but remember everything happen for your own good.

In the second half of the year Jupiter will enter dramatic Leo, expanding your 9th house of luck. This will be an amazing period for your dharma, father, teachers, education, long distance travelling and marketing. Your health will be excellent and you will feel more confident during this period. For students this period will be very favorable. During this time you will be having a more positive outlook and you may be networking with new people.

Overall in 2015, you will go through a lot of changes personally. You may want to plan in advance on your expenditures as they might intensify unexpectedly. Try controlling your speech and stress related issues. Health matters will seem to improve after the second of half 2015. You will be getting benefits from overseas and travelling abroad.

Capricorn 2015

Capricorns will hear the wedding bells ringing for them. Those wanting to get married, this year you will surely get hitched! Jupiter will be transiting cancer in your 7th house of marriage and partnership. Exalted Jupiter will be expanding your business with a bigger customer base and lucrative business deals. Jupiter will also be glancing at your 1st house, giving you more positive energy, prosperity, luck and wisdom. In the first half of the year your reputation in public and society will expand. It will also be beneficial for starting a business partnership or a joint venture.

Saturn in Scorpio will be bringing more responsibilities and reasons for you to work harder. Profits may get delayed, but with time it will get resolved. Be careful with your elder siblings, friends and network circles, as there could be some misunderstandings. Your goals and ambitions may get delayed but will surely be fulfilled. Your health will remain robust and you will gain more confidence.

In the second half of 2015, Jupiter will enter dramatic Leo transiting your 8th house of change and sudden events. You may acquire an interest for astrology, metaphysics or psychology.

Aquarius 2015

Aquarians, 2015 will be giving you a mixed bag of outcomes. In the first half of the year, Jupiter will be transiting cancer in your 6th house. You will attain victory over enemies, luck in competitions and lawsuits. You will be successful in lowering debts, winning legal disputes and fighting health problems. Stay active during this time as you may put on some weight. This period will also be favorable for hiring new employees or starting a new venture. Jupiter will expand your career and business opportunities. You will get career opportunities to travel internationally. Those wanting to go for a pilgrimage or spiritual voyage, will be get the occasion to do so. You will feel more generous and may donate towards charity.

In the second half of the year cupid will be taking you towards cloud nine in matters regarding love and romance. Your married life will blossom into happiness! Those waiting to get married, this period is going to be ideal for you. Be prepared to party hard and attend a lot of social gatherings. You will excel in your career with hard work and dedication. Students will successfully complete their degree and you’re your income will also magnify. Be prepared for a blissful 2015, as its going to be a fun ride!

Pisces 2015

Pisceans can expect to attain victory and immense prosperity in 2015. Exalted Jupiter will be transiting your 5th house of creativity. Your children will give you a lot of happiness and you may be blessed with children. Those wanting to invest in entertainment, sports or any speculative business will attain fame and great returns. The first half of the year is very favorable time for actors, creative artists, public speakers and speculative business investors. Your creative imaginations will blossom. Romance will be in the air and you will be content with your relationships. You will feel luckier in taking financial risks. Get ready for the most enjoyable vacation, as it’s the time to party. Jupiter will be glance at your 9th house giving you luck in international travel, marketing, education and dharma. You may develop a very strong bond with father and teachers during this period.

In the second half of 2015, you might zone in to a spiritual mode. Health conditions may cause you slight stress; hence yoga and meditation will be beneficial. Keep a track on your food habits and exercise routine. Try to remain positive and honest attitude in all matters related marriage and partnership. In your work front, responsibilities and work load may heighten. Stay calm and focused as great things are on your way in 2015.

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