It doesn’t have to be as a healer, it doesn’t have to be as an artist, it doesn’t have to be as a psychic.

You can ‘tune in’ to the infinite universal energy that flows through us to assist others, with support, guidance, and love.

It might be that you’re helping the children in your life, or you are helping the elderly people around you… What ever it may be, each of us has got an incredible urge to be of service.

This is what Channeling is, it is going to that place inside of you, where you say ‘let me be of service, let me help, let me guide, let me give them my very very best’. What happens in that space is a level of selflessness.

So our personality or our ‘ego’ says ‘ok i will surrender’ and we let this beautiful part of us step in and send that energy out to everybody else.

I believe that we all have this ability to draw through that guidance whether it is from our loved ones from the past, or it is a guide or an angel or even our higher self that is connected to god, to everything and everyone.

My believe is that we are all apart of this collective consciousness.