Hi guys I just wanted to share with you something beautiful about water and of course I’ve come out here to the water to deliver this message.

You can see the ripples coming in from the water and the beauty of that is that we are all sending out ripples all the time and it doesn’t matter what we’re thinking. Even if we are unconsciously worrying or we’re excited about something, we’re sending out a vibration that it eventually is going to come back to us.

It’s important to know this, so you can start getting really conscious of your thoughts, as the ripples you are sending out, you will get back.

How to send out positive energy ripples that come back to you

Get clear on your goals

If you haven’t got a goal; like a lot of my clients when they arrive they’re actually not really crystal-clear on their goals. It means that my guides, and your guides and the energy beings that work with us, haven’t actually got a clear pathway of how to assist you or support you.

So when you are thinking about what it is you’re wanting, get really clear so that you are sending out vibrations that are going to assist you in achieving what you want to achieve.

One of the ways to get clear on your goals is to write a list of the worst that can happen and then write a list of the best that can happen. What that does, is it starts to actually get you really clear and get the energy out of you, that’s rotating around in an unhelpful cycle.

When you write down the worst and actually realise what it is, sometimes you will find that it’s not that bad… it’s manageable. Then you can write out your to-do lists around what’s the worst or write out preparations to assist you with the worst, so that you have a plan of how to manage the scenario and you don’t actually have to get all the way down into the scenario playing out for you. Ultimately, allowing you to send out clear, positive energy ripples.

Another thing you can do is pray about it, or you can support yourself and support those around you with that scenario. However, my favourite is by writing out the the best that can happen for you, as that starts to help you be able to build a platform around you of ways and procedures and methods and plans to help create the best as well.

So in your prayers and your thoughts and your dreams and your vision board and your goal lists and your affirmations that you might write out and have up around you, you’ve actually got some way and somewhere to support that energy and when that energy then starts flowing, and the excitement around the best, the excitement around what you’re wanting to have happen starts to build a vibration in you that creates beautiful ripples.

When this starts happening it will give you goals and aims and dreaming and the direction of where you’re wanting to send that energy out. Those ripples can go out and eventually that love or that support or that excitement will come back to you in some way, shape, or form.

As an example I was feeling a little bit melancholy one winter and I put on my dream board that I really wanted a tropical holiday. Now at that time there was no way I could actually afford it, but I just put on this vision on my goal board, goal chart of somebody piggybacking on somebody else’s shoulders out in the middle of the water and I’m manifested within a month my dad actually sent a message to say he was treating us to a tropical holiday in Fiji which was amazing, and that was for a sixtieth birthday, so that was really fantastic.

However, there’s also times where I might put up an image of people having a swimming holiday and next minute we’re heading down for a Saturday afternoon at the beach with a whole group of friends.

So start to get really clear on the ripples that you’re sending out and it’s going to help you manifest the way that that comes back to you. Lots of love, talk to you later.

LOVE, Lyza xxx

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