Hi guys I wanted to share with you some of my favourite ways to manifest money.

So, there’s a whole range of different things you can do, but today I’ll be showing you 3 of my favourite ways to manifest money.

The first this you can do is create a beautiful altar where you can have a candle and a plant or some flowers. Something that you’re going to be changing daily or watering daily or taking care of daily and you can add either incense, if you feel to. I also want you to put some cash down or you can put  a statement from your bank account.

And I want you to just nurture it and this means daily sending it loving thoughts as it as you walk past it. Perhaps spending a little bit of time with it and perhaps put some money in the front of it.

The second this you can do is add some cash to your goal chart or vision board. So if you’ve got a vision board of what you’re wanting to manifest either holidays, soul mates, a beautiful career or more money, you can add cash to this (you can even add a cash amount of what you’d like to be earning every week), and it may not happen the first week, it may not happen the first month, it may not happen the first year. But if you’ve got a vision in there and you’re asking for it to come easily and in divine timing. Using the words ‘divine timing’ will assist you by removing the pressure to have it created immediately.

Lastly, my most favourite method that is really quick and easy, is whenever you do have money just bring it into your palms and bring it over your solar plexus. If you haven’t got some, go grab it right now, go get it out of your wallet or even just grab your wallet and bring it to your solar plexus (I prefer doing it with cash).

When you’ve got it, close your eyes and meditate now on the sun shining down onto your palms. You don’t have to be outside, you can visualise the energy of the sun shining down on your palms, down through the cash or your wallet, down through your solar plexus and feel that beautiful golden glow of energy flowing in through your palms making the palms glow, making the cash or your wallet glow and then making your solar plexus glow right and underneath your ribs there, just below where your ribs are filling up with this beautiful golden light.

As you feel it’s starting to glow, and you feel your solar plexus climb, imagine that as you spend this cash or spend the energy that’s in your wallet. Whether it’s a card or the cash, imagine that as you spend it, things are going to return to you multiplied. So that may mean that you get more cash returning to you multiplied.

It may mean that more money enters your bank account or enters into your card. It may mean that it’s going to come to you in the form of gold coins, you may see gold, you may see property, you may see cars, you may see customers, you may see this returning to you multiplied. Just visualise it flowing back to you now and see it flowing back in the same loving energy returning back to you, all with goodness into your solar plexus.

Feel it filling up with that beautiful energy being returned to you multiplied and as you do so you’ll feel your solar plexus being filled and filled and filled with golden light and with all of this goodness being returned to you and multiple ways. See a lot of that cash returning to you and you’ll feel it, or sooner or later it will simply switch off and then you’ll be left with all this beautiful money in your hands and it’s now blessed. So as you spend that money, you know that it’s going with really beautiful energy.

All right have a beautiful time & have some fun with manifesting.

I love you see you soon, either as at a one-on-one session or one of our events or online.

I love you god bless you, bye for now.

Lyza xxx