Your beautiful reminder to drink water today.

Did you know that 60% of everything that we drink will come out of our bodies as urine and sweat but the other 40% is going to come out on our breath? So that means that our emotions are really a big part of what comes out of our breath and the water that we drink helps us to clear our emotions, helps us to heal our emotions.

I’ve noticed that my clients who drink a good amount of water (two to three litres a day) are the ones that are able to clear their emotions more quickly. It helps your physical body, it helps your digestion, it can take you from a brain fog into clarity, emotional clarity, mental clarity, even work clarity. Within four minutes of having a really good drink of water.

So right now I want you to go grab a drink of water and I really want you to take notice of how you feel straight after you’ve drunk it. It’s quite significant!

When you get really really good at that. We learn not to take a little sip every now and again actually take bigger and bigger drinks so that every time you drink you’re making the most of that memory.

You may want to add vitamins, minerals, a little Himalayan salt or you can add apple cider vinegar or greens (Vital goodness or Morlife is a really great brand that I know of) and I’m sure that you’ve got friends who’ve got recommendations of good greens and supplements and minerals you can add as well.

Ensure that you have a favourite glass or bottle as well. This is really helpful as then you’re more likely to have it around you more often. If you like it then you’re going to build a relationship with it, so that you have it always around you with some water to keep drinking when you think of it, rather than driving along or being in your office and not having water near you.

All right! Cheers, enjoy your day I know that it’s going to make a huge difference. I will be drinking with you.

Have a gorgeous day, I love you.

Love Lyza xox