Far out ! Just when we thought life couldnt be anymore mind blowing,

Feel the healing energy in the video montage below of the whales…. watch till the end where they come right up to Cameron and I and listen to Cam as he loses his ugg boot over board…

We completely reset our energy with a week on the catamaran on the Ocean… communing with the magic of the earth, the ocean, the whales migrating and playing and the powerful energy of mother nature in Australia. We wanted to share some of the power, blessings and energy with you in pics & the quick video below.Whale watching 1

Beautiful Whales following us as we sailedWhale watching 2

click to watch the video here… 


Whale watching 3 filming a music video with Lulu & Mishcka
Whale watching 5 Whale watching 6

Yoga at SunsetWhale watching 7 Whale watching 8

Delicious Vegetarian Meals inspired by Angie CowenWhale watching 9

A Titanic at the bow momentWhale watching 10

Falling in Love with the Ocean

Whale watching 11

Waking up at sunrise after a night on the trampoline at the front of the CatamaranWhale watching 12

After Visiting a Sacred Site in Meditation on the Island

Can’t wait to see you guys either live or online soon!

Lots of love,

Lyza & Cameron xxx

P.S. The Gift ~ Psychic Development Workshop is coming up! I truly honour the amazing energy and spirital ‘shifts’ that The Gift brings to everyone involved & I would LOVE to see you there xxx. Learn more here

PPS – Heartfelt Thanks to those who shared their pics of our journey, including Martin Reynard who was filming a music video while we were there for Lulu and Mishcka and David Clayton whose inspiration and experience with the whales made our whole journey so much more deep and rich.