A lot of my clients come to me asking about how to just start something. Start a big idea or start something that’s important to them.

One of the ways I have found works, is to start building up the supporting factors around this big idea or project.

So as an example I begin with the when, where, what/why and how of this project.

First I will set the ‘when’, which is the time that I am wanting to start this project or this experience, and from here I can start to build up the supporting factors around it.

This way if it is a new project that you haven’t worked on before or don’t have much experience with, you can build up each little step around it so that it doesn’t seem so daunting. I do this by connecting with the people that I need to be involved with to start making it happen.

Next is the ‘where’, and the where is the locations or the things that I’m going to need support with for the particular experience.

For the ‘what’, I write down all the reasons why I am starting this new project. So I build up my internal juices of why I want to achieve this and then the ‘how‘ is a step-by-step process which builds me up to that one particular day.

Sometimes starting can be about fear and when we are fearful then it starts to destroy our will, it starts to destroy our faith or our self-confidence and so this is why when we build all of these platforms, the how, what, when, where, why around the starting point it supports us on our journey.

When these platforms have been built around the project then it actually makes us stronger, and less fearful to begin. It starts to take the fear away of the unknown and it starts to build up the stability and opportunity for us to feel supported by ourselves and by our plan.

So when it comes to starting, build up your platforms around the actual starting date. That one point, or step you are going to take over the line. Build up the platforms around it of your, who, what, when, where, why and how and it will nourish you and build up the support. So by the time you actually take that step, you’ve actually got a beautiful platform of support that’s just for you.

I hope you get out there today and take one step toward something you’ve been wanting to make happen.

God bless,

love love love, Lyza xox