How do we practice what we preach?

When you are in a role where you are supporting somebody else in change, it is so much easier to see what’s going on for them and give them advice when you can truly embody what it is what we want to teach the other person. It’s important we are able to practice what we preach because then when we speak it’s more than word’s it’s actually energy coming out.

For example, if I was to tell somebody that green tea would be really great for them to encourage their body and nourish their cells rather than coffee, it would be hard for me to say it and have them believe it and be able to embody that if I’m drinking coffee.

I remember the beautiful story with Gandhi, where a woman who hiked for many hours with her son to see Gandhi and said, “Gandhi can you help me encourage my son to give up sugar he’s addicted to sugar.” Gandhi looked at them both and said come back to me in two weeks.

Two weeks passed by, and the woman and her son hiked all the miles in to come back again and it was then that Gandhi looked at her son in the eye and said “give up sugar.”

When the woman pulled him aside, hours afterwards, and she said “Gandhi, Gandhi why did you not tell him this two weeks ago?” And Gandhi said “because I needed to give up sugar.”

If you can comprehend the idea behind that is when we embody something, then our message is so much purer, our messages are so much clearer, and our message is being able to be transmitted energetically into another person and hold space within them to move forward.

Oftentimes, I will be challenged in my life somewhere to learn a lesson and then within the following two to three weeks, I’ll receive a whole bunch of clients who are going through exactly the lesson that I had just learned.

When I was going through a situation where I was with manipulative people in my life and I was able to break that cycle. I then for a series of time attracted a lot of clients who needed to learn that lesson of how to extract themselves from manipulative relationships.

When I gave up alcohol in my 20s, I tried it with a whole bunch of people around me who also wanted to give up drinking alcohol and I was able to hold space to them and I still do for people who have alcohol addiction.

All of these different stories for you and your life have a think about where you are most able to support people; it’s going to be where you practicing what you preach.

If there’s something that your child is going through and they’re not listening to you have a look at where you’re not listening to yourself and then once you’ve mastered that, all of a sudden it will move energetically through your family and you’ll be able to help them with that as well your loved ones, your partner’s, your family and your community and everyone will benefit.

Practicing what we preach is simply by listening for where it is, that we most want to change another and that is obviously what’s happening within us and as we develop our own internal discipline, our own internal listening, it helps us to practice what we preach for other. Have a beautiful day, body, mind and soul.

I love you, God bless.



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