It is so beautiful , we recorded this breif video so you could join in with us and feel the serenity…

Take a beautiful conscious deep breath and allow it to flow out through your whole body, releasing any stress on the out breath…

then click on the video and Soak up the gorgeous vibes of the Mana Retreat Sactuary, in New Zealand. Witness your breath rising and falling in the serenity and silence in the video… Let’s meditate together.. Enjoy it with me now xxx.

LYZA BLOG (1)Here are some other beautiful pics of our experience there, earlier this year…

IMG_5238 resized

During our very high climb up the side of the mountain we were feeling huge fear arise and then fall away as if testing us on many levels all the way up… very much like every day life… feeling the rises and falls of our emotions, witnessing and utilising the breath to stay in the moment and release the stress out of our body and mind… and remembering to nestle into the serenity when we find it and reap the rewards of peace after consistent effort xxx

IMG_5214 resized

Can’t wait to see you guys either live or online soon!

Lots of love,

Lyza & Cameron xxx

P.S. You’re welcome to join us to learn about the “Angels, Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Lore” with Michael Lamb at our “combined mens and womens group” July 25th, Tuesday, 6.30pm with a lovely share dinner before it starts at 7pm Click here to read more or register

Love from Lyza and Cameron xxx

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