Hi guys,

I wanted to share with you the idea that we can assist ourselves to clear our emotions through motion.

As we are growing up we learn different experiences and what happens is the experiences actually physically get locked into our cells, we call it our cellular memory, which means it doesn’t just get locked into the brain it can get locked into your physical body.

That means we can learn about wealth patterns, we can learn about relationship patterns, we can learn about what we feel or judge as acceptable and not acceptable in the way we relate with others and these experiences can stay locked within our cells.

As we progress in life, sometimes this can result in our body slowly locking up and we’re unconscious of this. You can see it sometimes, you’ll meet people at work or meet people in your industry or meet people in life and you can sense that some of them are feeling locked up or they’re anal or they’re so disconnected or they’re uptight and these are literally words we’re using to describe that we are unconsciously aware that they’re locking up within their cells.

When we feel these emotions locked up within us (consciously or unconsciously), we can begin to release them when we start to move, when we get into motion, if we go into motion with the idea that we want to let these emotions out, then it really starts to shift and move things through our body.

For example, if you are running on the treadmill instead of being uptight and thinking about I need to work or stress, or money, you can actually do it with the conscious idea that you’re opening up the cells that you’re letting things go as you’re moving or yoga or pilates or walking or even dancing. All of these things are helping to open up the cells.

As I was going through some personal trauma and releasing some grief and some sadness, I would wake up every morning and dance and I had a funny old mix CD that had obviously been created back in the day and it was locked in this old CD player that I had, but it was most eclectic mix, some really slow emotive songs as well as some kind of country and western-type music as well as some really bopping kind of flash dance type music.

I had the best time going, feeling all of these emotions and stretching my body beyond what was comfortable for me and as I did so, I did it with the idea of visualising the cells opening up, and I would cry, I would laugh, I would release and dance and do whatever movements I needed to. I knew I could feel the old energy breaking up and releasing out of my cells with my breathing, with my movement.

I encourage you to explore your motion, explore what you’re doing to help release those cells, and if you feel that you’re not wanting to get up and not wanting to get out and move your body, just have a look at what emotions your not wanting to get moving and even just start with walking, even if it’s five minutes a day, you’ll start to feel your emotions moving.

I had a friend who just went and did hot yoga one day, and when she came home, she cried and cried and cried because the emotion was starting to move.

So, enjoy moving your emotions with motions.

God bless, love you.

Lyza xx

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