Last night Cam & I walked around the neighbourhood at dusk, we laughed, puffed, moaned as we went up hills, we passed a sweet Indian couple who were on the same health kick as us (though 20 years on in age from us) and we shared that smile that says, this exercise is slightly uncomfortable but its worth it)

We saw neighbourhood pets, immaculate lawns, overgrown lawns, we got lost, we found our way out of the all the interlinked roads and we seemed to beat any mozzies by walking faster than they could settle on us…

As we turned the last bend… it began to lightly rain, within a minute is was a gentle pouring and I couldnt resist stopping and raising my arms up with palms open to the sky as if I could catch all the rain in my arms… it was one of those PERFECT moments… Cam stopped and we were washed momentarily by the rain,… (it was mingling with the light sweat of our fast paced walk ewww but awesome)

Boy Playing in rain

I stayed for a minute just in that moment soaking it in… arms out stretched, Grateful <3 immersed in a moment so rich with gratitude and love for the human experience.

I feel grateful that here in australia we get to experience such freedoms as walking through our neighbourhood feeling safe, that we can be out at dusk and not be under martial law, that we have a choice to be out in the rain, and not forced to live a life on the street hiding from the rain, I am grateful for our health to be able to walk and use our bodies at any age, and I am grateful for nature that does its thing with evaporation and for precitpitation (Precipitation is the primary mechanism for transporting water from the atmosphere to the surface of the earth).

As it flows all our sadness, greif, chaos and sadness up into the ethers and then cleanses them and flows them back down to us again…

Mostly I was just grateful to feel free enough as a person, to stand on the side of the road with cars passing by and take that moment to “feel” with out fear of judgement of what others may think and to enjoy every second and every drop of rain that fell on me xxx

We then carried on home laughing and hugging in the rain, God Life is Good <3

Lyza Walking in the rainLove,

Lyza xox