Exercises at meditation by Lyza Saint Ambrosena

Personal Development exercises during a wednesday meditation evening by Lyza.

I wandered through our lounge room this morning, and I felt the energy of love & gratitude from those who attended last nights meditation evening and I brought my palm up to my heart / chest and shed a tear of thanks as a WELL of gratitude filled me… swelling up from my heart till it leaked out through my eyeballs!

I am so grateful to be doing this work, teaching what I love, and sharing a way of life and understanding with others that genuinely shifts their lives closer to love and oneness…

We’re also combining our energies on these evenings to send love out to others and the planet, “Earth healing” and “Political healing”… so imperitive and powerful in these times…

We are truly blessed to be alive and to practice FAITH without Religion, to practice LOVE without judgement, and to practice FELLOWSHIP with out restriction…
Be blessed today in what ever your faith, beliefs and practices… the same love is flowing through all of us and as we are all awakening to this truth…

All our lives are benefitting from this awareness and our daily actions and energies that flow from this truth.

Meditation & SELF Awareness Training with Lyza Saint Ambrosena

Meditation & SELF Awareness Training with Lyza Saint Ambrosena

I say Amen because it feels like I am acknowledging a truth when I say it, and because Greg Gregg Braden explains that in the ancient texts it means… I believe… and I do I believe in God, in the consciousness Awareness of our growing Oneness and I belieb in the power of love to transform lives over and over again

I love you Lyza