Ironic? I had all male clients on Wednesday, I hadnt realised till the end of the day when I looked back!

Powerful, shifting, important transformational work… the real work, the tears, the snot, the massive realisations and deep healing…
Opening Mens Hearts by Lyza Saint Ambrosena

As women I believe we are all shifting our energy and consciousness towards uplifting ourselves and each other including the males in our lives, our sons, our fathers, our husbands and lovers…

Any woman can stir a mans energy field sexually, however this is fleeting and like the fuse wire in a light bulb, once it has blown with energy (if you get my drift) … then there has been no real lesson or shift in consciousness acheived..

It is such a deep feeling of gratitude in side when we transform and open the heart of a man so deeply, beyond the sensual… They are grateful too,

I’m not talking romantic love, I’m talking about Universal-all-encompassing-soul-enriching-forgiving-compassionate Love!

Men feel honored when we see them recognise and interact with their souls not just seeing them as sexual objects . It is the same for women when women feel safe to be… seen for their true selves rather than just for their sexuality.

Seeing and uplifting the true heart and soul of each other is a true gift for all involved. It is the true way.

Love, Laugh, Nurture, Encourage the Heart to Awaken and thrive.. and you will always be in the flow of abundance, happiness and divine will.

Love from x me <3

Healing the Hearts of Men