Lyza Saint Ambrosena Healer making Healthy PestoMM mmmmm how good is the smell of FRESH Basil from the garden or the garden markets?

SO here is one of my staple foods, that I often have in a jar in the fridge ready to dip into for a QUCK HEALTH BOOST of energy,

Lyza’s Quickie Super Yummy Pesto Recipie: 

If you LOVE it, then DOUBLE IT UP next time…. ( I always make extra)


  1. Basil – a big enough bunch (approx 2 cups) squished in (pick the leaves off the stalks)
  2. Garlic – 1 clove (more if you dont have a big date any time soon)
  3. Salt – Himalayan Salt – grind it in, – again start with a 1/2 teaspoon and then add more if you feel it needs it after tasting the finished blend.
  4. Olive Oil – Choose a good one because you WILL taste it in the end product… we usually use an EXTRA LIGHT version, go organic if you can, (I have used other oils, like coconut and Hemp Oil… its all about the taste… so start simple with olive oil to get your mojo and self confidence up about your pesto first!!!
  5. Lemon – After you have blended it at the end Squeeze in some lemon juice at the end then taste test  (you can always add more, but you cant take it out!) – If in doubt go LESS till you taste it after blending!! It can just lift the flavour right at the end…

Lyza Saint Ambrosena Healer Buying Fresh Greens at Organic MarketsMethod:

You can either use a mortar and pestle to bruise it all to bring out the flavours, or throw it all of the below in a Blender and pulse it slowly – you can either stop when its chunky or keep going till smooth.

What you have created is a basic sauce that you can use as is or make it chunkier by the following variations: Add and blend with

  • lightly sauteed pine nuts
  • soaked almonds or cashews (cashews make it creamy)
  • Add other greens to it, such as rocket (arugala), parsley, coriander (beware though that the flavour of your pesto will dramatically change with the herbs, so it’s best to experiment with smaller amounts rather than ruining a whole huge amount of basil and risking a dip thats too tangy, or bitter from the other herbs.

How to use it? – Let me show you the ways …

  • Use it on your meal straight away,
  • Place it in a jar in the fridge Use with meals or as a dip,
  • As a snack in between my healing clients (often I’ve got 5 minutes to take a break and give my body sustenance) so I chop up a stick of celery into bite size pieces and dip dip dip voila… I can feel the Deep invigorating cholorophyl and enzymes flooding my body almost instantly and my eyes feel like they can see clearer too… remarkable!
  • As a Sauce to go on Meals, salads, rice dishes, pasta dishes, fish or chicken dishes,
  • As an added dollop on the side of a plate or painted on toast underneath poached eggs, or some delishes feta cheese,
  • Lyza Saint Ambrosena Healer Buying Fresh Greens at Organic MarketsYou can dip basil leaves into the pesto and then place them on a dehydrator and they become PESTO CHIPS… oh my god! Let me tell you they rarely make it into a container, we eat them then and there they are MAGNIFICENT!!!
  • Freeze it in icecube containers for later, or place it in ziplock bags in the freezer and thaw it out at a later date for convenience (remember fresher is better though).