Super Moon September Cameron and Lyza Between Eclipses, planetary moves and interactions, this month can bring things to a head and allow you to forge forward with decisions that can make a significant difference in your life. But keep in mind, not everything will be within your control. Some changes and alterations to your day-to-day life are likely to be from choices that other people make, but in the end, everything will work out.

Week One – August 31st

This is a busy astrological week, with a lot of significant influences thrown into the mix to commence the month of September. August finishes with an opposition between the Sun and Neptune on the 31st, which can heighten your instincts, but also cast a shadow of confusion on matters. To gain further insights into anything on top of your list of priorities, it’s important to pay attention to your instincts during this time.

On the first day of September, Venus and Mars meet up again and connect in the sign of Leo. And even though Venus and Mars are the love duo planets – Venus the romantic side and Mars the passionate – with Venus still retrograde, things are not as hot as usual but still radiate a great deal of loving energy. However, if there are cracks in your relationship, you will want to tread carefully, as things can unravel now. But on the other hand, they can strengthen as well – it all depends what state your love life is in.

Moving on a few days, on the fifth, the Sun and Pluto interact in a positive trine. This provides the determination to make anything work and an issue that may have been too difficult to deal with can come to the surface so you can come to terms with it. Keep in mind that Pluto is the planet of transformation, so you can overcome just about anything with the energy of these two planets favorably interacting.

At the end of the week, September 6th, Venus will finally come out of her retrograde transit, which shines a brighter light on love and money as she stays in the generous sign of Leo right through to October 8th.

Week Two – September 7th

The week commences with a trine, a favorable aspect, between motivational Mars and Uranus, the planet of originality. This is a powerful interaction and can trigger change – but change you are not necessarily in control of, as Mars is impulsive and Uranus is known as the sudden-change master. This interaction also inspires Astrology with Lyza Saint Ambrosenacreativity, as in “think outside the box” type of genius intellect, and Mars provides the energy and get up and go to put it into action – a relatively short transit but a very effective one.

Right at the end of this week, on the 13th, there is a new Moon, a solar eclipse, and even though it is a partial eclipse it still comes with a punch. Both the Moon and Sun in Virgo, the solar sixth house, directs your attention on work, productivity, your health and well-being and achieving balance in your life. It is important now not to take on too much and burn out under a cloud of stress. This is an excellent time to review your day-to-day planning and make changes, which will allow you to gain control of your life. Even a small adjustment to your schedule can ensure you don’t spend all of your time at work and neglect other, important, areas of your life and people.

Week Three – September 14th

Midweek, Jupiter and Neptune are opposite, Neptune in the intuitive sign of Pisces and Jupiter in detailed oriented Virgo. Jupiter and Neptune can put an unrealistic slant on things, but with Jupiter positioned in Virgo it becomes far more grounded. And the heightened energy of inspired thought and a vision for the future can manifest into reality. Like the movie “Last Holiday,” a book of possibilities can become real.

Mercury will enter its third and final retrograde transit for this year and will be stationary retrograde on the 17th, in the sign of Libra. As we are heading up to the end of the year, it is a perfect time to review, reassess and make adjustments to your goals and plan as to what you want to achieve by the end of 2015. As you change, so do your aspirations and goals, and this period of looking back gives you a chance to make alterations.

On the same day that Mercury goes retrograde, on the 17th, serious Saturn makes his move out of deep thinking Scorpio back to the lighter energy of Sagittarius where he will stay for the next two years through to December 21st 2017. The energy of Saturn in Sagittarius will have us is deep thought as to how we can make a positive and significant difference in the world.

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Week Four – September 21st

This is a hectic week, so get ready for action! Midweek, on the 23rd, the Sun will make a move from Virgo to Libra, the fall equinox, a day of equal light and dark, and a time to rebalance your life. The same day, Venus and Uranus trine, so sudden developments on the love scene can take place and the Sun and Saturn interact to add a taste of reality.

The next day, on the 24th, Mars will make his move from extrovert Leo to the more contained energy of Virgo. And on the same day, Mercury will square Pluto, making it difficult to express yourself. The very next day, on the 25th, Pluto finally comes out of its retrograde transit, which can give you hope that things will work out in the end. At the same time, Mars squares off with Saturn, which can cause an all-time stubborn standoff – not the best time to try and push through and make a point; better to step aside and let the energy pass.

The week closes with a full Moon, lunar eclipse on the 27th. This Moon has an extra punch, as it is also a super Moon, and a total lunar eclipse. The energy of this Moon is very intense, and as the Moon is in Aries and the Sun in Libra, it is all about relationships. However, the Moon in Aries vibration can be impulsive and emotional and you are cautioned not to be too impetuous. It would be wise not to make any rash decisions this week and wait for the star-dust to settle.

Lyza Fire Full Moon NightWeek Five – September 28th

Fortunately, after all the activity of last week, these final few days of the month are quite uneventful and will give you time to think through decisions, consider what transpired and consolidate your actions. However, midweek Mercury on its retrograde journey does meet up again with the Sun, and gives you an opportunity to revisit any situation you need to gain closure on or to resolve a misunderstanding.

Before long we will be in October, so use the time this week to get organized for yet another action filled month!