Give yourself time to snuggle up and relax and rest in short bursts during the day.

A POWER NAP by definition is a short sleep which terminates before the occurrence of deep sleep, 

intended to quickly revitalize the subject.

Research suggests that an average power nap duration of around 30 minutes is most effective. Any more time, and the body enters into its usual sleep cycle. Feel your body relax as you go into a light sleep and a deep rest…Your biochemical’s will harmonize in your body & mind and you’ll awaken fresher, perkier. While settling into the Nap, FEEL the warming relaxation feelings in your body, not just your mind.

WHEN is the best time for a power nap? Any where you can squeeze it in.

How to Manage Stress with a Power Nap by Lyza Saint Ambrosena

IN THE CAR: Arrived 10 minutes early for an appointment? Then set your alarm for 5 minutes, roll the car seat back, close your eyes, take a deep relaxing breath and let your whole body and mind relax.

BIG NIGHT OUT: Have a big night out planned but you’re struggling to build any enthusiasm? BEFORE you get dressed up, snuggle under a blanket sand set your alarm for the length of time you have available before you HAVE to leave… allow time to dress appropriately. You’ll perk up immediately with a shower.


ZEN TIME: Need some time to get your ZEN calm self back, after you get home from work? Before prepping dinner etc, then kick off your shoes, leap in the shower and throw on some comfy clothes and give yourself time resting horizontally before your evening kicks in.


Woman resting in flowers NATURE TIME: Wanting to boost your energy WHILE you sleep, then grab a blanket and go and lay outside ont he grass, or better yet, drive to a nearby national park or nature reserve and take your power nap in nature under a tree and let your body absorb all of the powerful natural currents from the earth.




"Take Time to remember your to POWER NAP to ease your stress!"

A QUICK POWER NAP to RECHARGE & ease stress!”

NO RULES: There are no rules to power napping, simply remember to set your alarm if you have to be active again at a certain time, this will free you up to rest easily without constantly watching the clock… take a few deeps breaths to help you settle in and relax…. and enjoy!

MOST IMPORTANT : ~ Enjoy your power napping, often & guilt free.