Feeling Stressed and Frustrated with your career, your relationships, your life?

 How to manage stress by remembering the big picture with Lyza Saint AmbrosenaRemember “YOUR BIG PICTURE” 

Remember “YOUR WHY”?

WHY are you doing this?



Your WHY could be:

  • Working harder to save for something worthwhile – house, car, trip away.
  • Travelling hours with your children’s hobbies/sports to encourage their self esteem.
  • Staying in a relationship because you know they’re a great person and you’re both working towards a common goal, even if its exhausting for a few months of extra work/effort/time constraints.
  • Working with people you don’t get on with until you have the qualifications you need to upgrade your career.

Keep your eye on the BIGGER PICTURE and this will ease the FRUSTRATION or the STRESS of the moment. It will 

  1. calm the heart rate
  2. stimulate positive brain chemicals
  3. loosen the tension of the muscles in your neck, and body
  4. loosen the energy around your lungs and heart to breathe more easily

When you’re in the middle of doing something you DONT WANT TO DO, or are caught in the DETAILS of a situation, or are feeling BORED or FRUSTRATED with a person, task or experience, Take a breath and Remember WHY YOU ARE DOING IT!

Thinking Big Picture about the work you do can be very ENERGIZING in the face of stress and challenge, because you’re linking one detail of your life, often a small action, to a greater meaning or PURPOSE.  Then, something that may not seem important or valuable on its own gets cast in a whole new light. 

Enjoy your week,


Lyza Saint Ambrosena