On Monday, November 14 the moon’s at its closest point to the Earth this year and since 1948. : a distance of 221,524 miles (356,508 kilometers) away. This distance, which is measured from the center of the Earth to the center of the moon, is within 85 miles (137 km) of the moon’s closest possible point to Earth.

This super full moon illuminates our shadows offering the opportunity to learn from our past and heal and then enhance and manifest a bright future… giving us the opportunity to

  • Use this energy for stable long term goals, (i.e Marriage, home buying)
  • Take responsibility for and transform unhealthy habits,
  • Make amends with ourself or with others from the past (including our ancestors)
  • Amplify what we do love and wish for more of in our lives
  • Heal our relationship with our inner self and our ancestors
  • Heal our relationship with ourselves, our loved ones, our mother earth and her waters.

Super Full Moon Shaman Ceremony

You can follow the ceremony as laid out here or create your own that feels right to you…

  • Full Moon in Taurus Magic: A sensuous, grounded full moon ritual should be done outside (if possible) anunnamedd close to the Earth either alone or with friends
  • The Taurus supermoon is an excellent time to adorn yourself in your most beautiful gown/outfit and to bring fresh beautiful bouquets of flowers to dress your altar or circle.
  • Have a shower or swim, or sage yourself so you feel clear and open for messages and washed. Of the clutter of the day
  • dress in something that makes you feel clear and special
  • Create an Altar if you choose with Candles, Crystals, special things that mean something to you. Include money, nature and images of loved ones if you choose.
  • Light a fire or candles
  • Grab sage to light if you have some
  • Grab a note book and
  • Write down 3 (or more) things you’d love to transform within yourself – or forgive yourself for – (this Scorpio sun and Taurus moon we can see deeply and clearly our shadows and how to embrace ourselves, forgive and Honor ourselves and LEARN and move on from our past traits that have kept us from feeling connected to ourself, others, oneness, God force, and the earth.
  • When you feel complete with these … fold the page, place it between your palms in prayer position and touch your finger tips to your lips and forehead and offer what you have LEARNED to ALL that is, the divine, your highest self, the moon (what ever you conceive oneness to be) and Burn your note, either with a candle or fire.
  • THEN write down 3 (or more ) things that you’d love ot manifest, go into detail, The Taurus Moon adds power to creating goals for
    • Boosting your creativity,
    • attracting material wealth,
    • Enhancing sexuality/ sexual attractiveness,
    • Matters of the home ,
    • fertility, and to
    • ground and make concrete plans.
    • Use this energy for stable long term goals, (i.e Marriage, home buying)
  • WHEN finished you may lay these goals under a crystal or rock, or on the grass, you can burn them under the moon when the time feels right for you, when you feel you have them firmly imprinted with faith in your heart that they’ll arrive in divine perfect timing that’s perfect for you.
  •  Your personal celebration ritual can include song, dance, words, actions and feelings. When we direct the power of our intentions in this way, we activate healing and transformation within and all around us. With our prayers and grounded visions, we assist in bringing into being the world we want to live in.

Other Ritual Suggestions

  1. Bless water for your family and friends by holding the water between your palms in a bowl or glass and sending your love and energy into it and pour the water into the earth, or the ocean or rivers,
  2. Bless another bowl of water in the same way, for those who are at Standing Rock where indigenous peoples of all nations stand together to halt pollution of the land and waters by BIG business, Oil companies.  Water and Clean air are our 2 most sacred posessions here on the earth.  Water is the giver of Life. Water is the transporter of energy. Water is the vehicle for change. Water represents the power of both giving and receiving. Water births new life, hydrates us, cleanses us, washes us, nourishes us. Without water, we would not exist.