imagesWhat do I mean by ‘awakened?’

Well, to me this is a woman that knows her worth, completely. A woman that has awakened to her truth, and knows her value is not bound to earthly material things. When a woman has truly awakened to her truth she becomes fearless in all aspects of life. She sees opportunity where others see obstacles. Loving an awakened woman is not an easy task, for she knows and accepts no boundaries.

A woman awakened to her truth realizes that her personal power is beyond man’s ability to control and can only be empowered, not tamed. A woman who has awakened to her truth knows her value and easily recognizes when something asks her to be less. She is turned on with great desire to empower others, so they too can know their worth. An awakened woman knows her creative nature and often utilizes it to uplift others.

A woman truly awakened is unstoppable in her pursuit of happiness, joy and her ability to transfuse that into other’s lives as well. Loving an awakened woman is not easy because she is not like most, continually seeking change to foster expansion and growth.

images-74An awakened woman finds no purpose in comparison, but often, others feel threatened by her because they compare. Others that have not yet awakened to their divine infinite truth will always criticize and compare because of the ignorance of their own personal divinity.

The woman awakened to her divinity knows that judgment and comparison are illusions that feed the ego, and she knows ego has no place her heart. The awakened woman exudes self love beyond the common man’s understanding and is often criticized of being egocentric or totalitarianistic in her views. The awakened woman’s heart cannot be tamed, for it sees God in everything and is passionate about all things, running fearlessly through life chasing her dreams. An awakened woman needs continual space for growth and evolution within herself and the freedom to share that with others without limits.

An awakened woman will often do and say things you may never understand, but attempting to control her through your fears will only leave you standing in your own burning house. Loving an awakened woman requires strength, courage to be yourself, confidence in your own understanding of your own personal truth so you are not threatened by the expression of hers.~

~Kim Babock

Edited from: http://www.kimbabcock.net/my-blog/

art: Lidia Wylangowska