Often I am asked by clients for ways to help clear Negative energies from their lives, their homes or their loved ones,… here are my most common responses…

STRAIGHTEN UP: Stay away from drugs or alcohol , till you feel stronger and positive… not only are these DEPRESSANTS  these can have a detrimental affect on your energy fields allowing heavy energy to settle into your energy field more easily and it is harder to clear when it seeps in.

warn-bath-with-epsom-saltSALT BATHS : Have regular salt baths to clear the aura, especially soak right up to teh skull at the top of the neck, as often energy hooks can reach in under the skull and drain from the brain and so it feels hard to be positive. Go under the water if you can and or swim in the ocean in the salt to clear the energy also.

download (2)LEMON WATER: Drink water with lemon juice to bring  body acidity down which will also affect the ability to find positive thoughts and attitudes and inspires the body to feel like being more active… it neutralises acidity in the body making it more pleasant for the body to move.

GET OUTSIDE : Get some fresh air and sunshine…. (sounds weird and too practical to be effective I know, however, sunshine literally does fill the auric field with light and offers not only transmutation of negative energy, but also offers help by filling the aura with light, – which will help fill YOU with positivity) and protection.

imagesVISUALIZE – Bless your self on your journey, every time you visualize yourself or an outcome in your future, PRAY and visualize. You can visualize golden light all around and through the energy field in a large golden orb, or imagine Mother Mary or someone calming and protective beside or behind you and serene light all around you… You can also visualise your house or office or bedroom filled with golden light. to clear energy – it really does work.

download (1)INCENSE/SAGE/ESSENTIAL OIL SPRAY – Use some scent or smell to move through the house with that will help clear the energy from the house itself.

MIX WITH POSITIVE UPLIFTING PEOPLE: You can often tell when you have been with energy vampires as you will have less motivation and less energy or you will feel you have less self confidence. Often these can be well meaning people who are unconsciously drawing energy from you or those close to you in order to feel better about themselves. Fear and negativity, Gossip and excuse laden living can be infectious just as uplifting and positive and creative thinking can be infectious. Become highly conscious of the types of people you wish to blend your energy with .

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