A Shower Ritual to de stress and enliven you!

A Shower Ritual to de stress and enliven you!

It feels fantastic to leap in the shower after a stressful day right?

It’s because you are washing off old dense energy of stress, anger, grief, addiction that you may have picked up from others, or that may be pouring out of you too.

Dense energy affects your thinking, your vitality levels, your enthusiasm & self esteem so wash the old yuck off as soon as you get home!


Try this “Power Shower” ritual that was given to me by my German healing teachers at the age of 23 – It’s so powerful that clients who use it report back brilliant results in their attitude & Life when they use it regularly….


WHEN & WHY should I use the Power Shower ritual?

~ As soon as you walk in the door at home to clear off the day before you hug your kids etc so you dont share your stress with them.

~ Before you go to sleep after a big day, it will help you sleep

~ When you wake up to prepare you for an amazing focused clear day

~ When your self esteem feels low,

~ When you have had a crazy night out , ( it will help relieve the hangover before it even arrives!)

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