downloadChanging perspective even slightly can change our lives from ordinary to AMAZING. Try these 10 ways:

1.GIVE COMPLIMENTS or THINGS – tell someone they look great, or they did a great job, or draw attention to their positivity –  it makes them and you happy and can make their day. Give someone something meaningful to them it doesnt have to be expensive. 

2. BELIEVE you DESERVE to be HAPPY – Whether it be a partner, job, house, etc. If we don’t believe we deserve happiness how can we have it or feel it? It’s ok to want material things too – as long as it doesn’t become your priority or obsession though start with feeling happy just because before feeling happy about material items or waiting for the NEXT BIG THING to make you happy, know that you can be happy right now, by flicking your attitude switch.
3. Keep it SIMPLE – Simplify your day and take away some stress. What is your priority for every day, pick just one download 17at first and move up to 3 as you learn to COMPLETE items on your to do list… Keep it simple and decide what isn’t important ~ prioritise these things and make sure the less important things aren’t what is stressing you out.

4. Discover yourLIFE PURPOSE –

Write a list of things you love to do and do them as much as you can. Your purpose might be to bring joy tothe job you currently do or be an ear to those in need. Tune in to yourself there is no better feeling thanhaving a purpose in life big or small.

5. FOCUS onthe positives iand FEEL the GRATITUDE – What you focus your energy on is usually what you get more of ~ appreciate what you already have  – How you think affects how you feel and if you’re constantly thinking negative thoughts or focusing on the things you don’t have then chances are you’ll feel unhappy, and have a sense of emptiness inside.

6. Take an ACTION on your goals today – BIG or SMALL . Action is far more powerful than wishing for things. It’s all well and good to want something and imagine yourself having those things but that’s just the first step. Action is the only thing that can turn your “dream” into a reality.Research your goal, educate yourself, learn as much as you can about what it is you want. Make realistic goals for yourself and break them up into smaller goals and chip away at them each day. Even if it’s something small you’re still one step closer to achieving your goal.

images (18)7. LAUGH – Watch a funny movie or have some jokes with your friends – Laughter is the best medicine. Don’ take life so seriously, sometimes we just need to have a good belly laugh. It’s amazing how much better you feel after a good laugh – it’s similar to a workout out for me, it make me feel so alive! Watch a great comedy movie, play a game with friends, hang out with those who LOVE to make you laugh!

8. PAT YOUR SELF ON THE BACK – Look at all the things you have achieved in life and be proud of yourself. Be inspired by YOU! tell yourself “you did a great job”? Have an Accomplishments board to remind you of what you have ALREADY acheived!

9. GIVE something to someone – Giving can be a source of Great joy. It doesn’t have to be money, you give away something you may no longer want or need but may be something someoneelse might want. It could be a book or an old item of clothing or even just an ear to listen to or a hug. Find joy in giving to o2 Carrots that grew together huggingthers.

10. COME BACK TO THE MOMENT – Remember the cliche “Your presence is the present” – Take your day one task at a time. Focus on the task you are doing right this moment and just do that. Do not be somewhere else thinking of a million other things you could be doing. Just be in the ‘now’. If you’re walking down the road to work, notice the trees, flowers, other people, the birds and the fresh air – it will make you feel a lot more relaxed and in the moment. If you’re spending quality with your partner or a friend PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY and give them your undivided attention. Human connection and interaction is amazing and so healthy for us. So many of us don’t spend enough time doing it because we’re so caught up with work, on our phones and computers all the time and on social media. The real connection happens “living in the moment”  – it’s in all that is around us – people, nature, and animals, your presence.