A lot of people ask about developing their psychic intuition and their psychic abilities. They want to know how to follow-up on their premonitions, or how to get back in touch with their gut instinct or how to communicate with their past loved ones.

A lot of people want to jump straight to that experience, however, the spiritual journey and developing your intuition has to be (in my experience), developed in all of the areas of body, mind and soul first.

When we learn about our intuition, we can’t just be focusing on that one realm we need to be learning to get in touch with our intuition in a physical way, through noticing what it is our physical body needs.

We need to be asking ourselves questions like ‘am I thirsty right now, do I need to have more early nights, do I really need that second or third cup of coffee,  am I having too much chocolate or sugar?’

By taking small steps everyday with our physical bodies we are then on the journey to healing ourselves which opens us up to our spiritual journey and following our intuition.

We then need to be focusing on our  Mind. Where we need to be asking questions like, ‘do I need to be listening to that crazy loud music on the way to work, should I just take the time to be in silence for a while, do I need to read this book or this book? What am I filling my mind with before I go off to sleep into dream time. Am I watching murder television or am I listening to soft music and what am I putting into my mind, what am I feeding myself mentally?’

Asking ourselves these questions allows us to really starting to use our intuition.

As an example, yesterday I had this amazing experience. I was at a furniture store and a woman came up to me and she said ‘oh my god, I’ve been following you and was watching your YouTube for a few hours last night, doing some channeling and here you are in my store this morning’ and it blew both of us away. She continued to say she felt like this is the sign that she is on this path where her intuition is leading her.

She was following the signs and little steps in all of these different areas of her life and was able to manifest that experience which was pretty cool for the both of us.

So, In short, practice your intuitions on some of the simple things first like what is it that I need to do right now, because whilst it could be some advanced spiritual thing that you need to do, it could be just as simple as stopping, and taking five deep breaths and having a great big drink of beautiful pure water, and then seeing what comes after that.

Practice your gut instinct, practice your intuition on the little things first remember body, remember mind, remember soul.

There’s a beautiful phrase from the Desiderata that says “many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.” And that’s so true. Sometimes when people are really tired and not eating the right foods and they haven’t been feeling themselves with the body and the mind they can’t really get to that peaceful beautiful sensitivity of the soul.

A lot of people are really sensitive on a soul level, so they lock themselves away at home or they just find it difficult to communicate what they really need to communicate to the people that it matters the most to, such as the family or even their boss or coworkers, so their sensitivity and intuition is being limited. Because they’re not giving themselves that foundation with the Body and the Mind, they don’t have the strength around the soul to help them connect with their intuition.

I’ve got some exciting things coming up to assist you in developing your Intuition and Enhancing your Spiritual Journey.

I’ve got a beautiful retreat. The heart of women retreat coming up in December 2017.

I’ve also got a beautiful day coming up in May called The Gift  Psychic and Intuitive development Day.  What The Gift is about is you becoming more aware of that sensitivity and learning how to manage your sensitivity in the everyday world and how to develop your psychic intuition but in this beautiful balanced way.

It’s really phenomenal, a lot of people have had fabulous experiences and I’d love to see you there, you’re welcome to join me.

You can learn more about The Gift Here.

I honour your journey whichever form or shape it takes, we’re all on this journey together and if I can share any love or any light on that I’d love to do so.

Let’s Keep in touch, either online or for a one-on-one healing session or through our upcoming events. Either live events or I’m going to be doing more online events this year too.

I love you, I hope you can feel that and I will see you soon. God bless.

Love Lyza <3 xx

“They Key is to be in a state of permanent connectedness, with your inner body – to feel it at all times. This will rapidly deepen and transform your life. The more consciousness you direct into the inner body, the higher it’s vibrational frequency becomes.”