Making Time for L O V E

Let’s talk about LOVE!

A lot of the time in my healing room, I work with women and men who are seeking more love in their lives.

They are seeking More love in their work, in their play, more love in their relationships, more love with their children and overall more love in their life.

Now, what comes first (and you know what I’m going to say) is LOVING YOURSELF.

When I sit down with my clients, and we break down what is going on in within their life, often it comes down to one prominent factor, and that is Overwhelm. They are completely overwhelmed, doing way too much; working hard, trying to get as much done as possible in their homes after work, fitting in time with their children, time for the gym, time for this and that before falling into bed forgetting to leave time for the most important of things, themselves and their love.

When this happens, love in terms of intimacy is getting lost and falling between the woodwork. There is no priority placed in their lives for love. In these scenarios, we only have ourselves to blame, as we are not actually prioritising ourselves as a significant part of the love equation.

So today I have some homework for you, should you choose to accept it!

Your homework is to write down a list of what it is that you love, what makes you feel loved, what makes you feel like you have been seen, acknowledged, heard and felt.

Right now, schedule some time in your diary for this love.

You may already have something in mind, that you know you need to be doing to make yourself feel loved or something that you have been really wanting to do. For example mine is to get a MASSAGE, I haven’t had one for a few months and it has been rolling around in my mind, so as I schedule time in my calendar now for a massage and I encourage you to do the same for whatever it is that makes you feel LOVED.

It may be as simple as taking a bath, watching a favourite movie, going to a favourite restaurant, getting in some nurturing foods or perhaps even getting in a cleaner to help you with your space.

SO, whatever your thing is, I want you to plan it & I want you to put comment in the section below what it is that you have chosen to do.
If you feel to it you can email me about how the results have gone and how much better you have felt afterwards.

I know this may not seem like it is the overall fix, however it is a start, and when you begin this process you can start to schedule in love moments with yourself regularly, whether weekly, fortnightly or monthly, start to do it for you, you, YOU.

Once you have committed to this, you can begin to schedule in love events or experiences for you and your partner, or you and your kids, you and your family or friends. Then just sit back and watch the love GROW.

It will grow.

So, i Love you,

I look forward to seeing you at one of my events, online or for a one-on-one healing session,

Love Love Love,

Lyza x

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  1. sabine on March 31, 2017 at 8:33 am

    How wonderful thank you beautiful butterfly,

    I have been truly overwhelmed in this last week. My self love for today is going to have physio. Today I will spend some me time in the sunshine, drink lots of water and eat fruit. I have a beautiful new all natural facial care Restore by Annmarie an absolutely divine feeling when applied, always perks me up and gives me that special me feeling.

    I have had to rest and do some meditation healing work to clear some clutter.

    Today is about accepting me as I am. No more beating self up and feeling unworthy. YAY!!!!!

    Love you both lots and lots

    • Lyza Saint Ambrosena on April 10, 2017 at 10:27 pm

      Love to you x sounds like you’ve planned some fantastic “me” time xxx

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