the good news is, he is a strong soul and he is simply testing the boundaries, sometimes these kids are born feeling like they are adults because they remember that strength from other life times,
this is where they need us to be CALM and STRONG and CRYSTAL CLEAR on what our family rules are, (both parents honoring the same rules for all the children).
He will test for a few days – at its worst it is about 10 days, at its best its only a few days…
so get really clear with hubby what the rules are (like bed time rules, food, routines) and LEVI will be so grateful (even if he acts like a demon child in the mean time lol)….
often children develop whats called qualibrium and then disequalibrium time frames,
equalibrium is where they are calm, and follow the rules and are, well, angels and
then other times they are pushing every button they can find because they are GROWING and MATURING and so they are extending their dominion of control in the world and attempting to learn their own strengths and assert themselves.
The key is to find areas in their lives where they CAN GROW… eg: you direct them with things like COOKING, or helping fold their clothes, or art tasks, or swinging higher on the swing or climbing higher on the jungle gym, let them push their boundaries in these areas …
OFFER THEM AREAS to GROW and EXPAND… and they will stop pushing the boundaries in the other areas of their life, like BED TIME and WHAT FOOD TO EAT and OTHER RULES …
set your BOUNDARIES… (Boundaries means “the family law that all members adhere to”) ,and then let them soar like an eagle in the other areas where they are free to push their boundaries.
Remember to give him lots of GOOD WATER not tap water and watch his foods x
Youre a great mum Karen, all is well xxx