Healing is such a gift for both my clients and myself ! I love what I do!

Healing with Lyza Saint AmbrosenaPeople often look at me after a healing session and say doesnt this drain you? To the contrary, my journey into hearts as I heal with them energetically is soul restoring. 
I get to live in the absolute moment with them. We journey in through their cells to their past, to the pain that is stored there, that has been unconsciously held there for years. 
The healing process… I am honored to be a part of this journey with them, this painful return back to innocence, to freedom, to peace… 
Lives change, communities change, when we are able to surrender our sadness, our anger, our grief, our pain, our loss into the great oneness of love that is the turth of us behind it all…. we are all sharing this journey together…
Last weekend we completed 30+ healing sessions, and Im squeezing more in before I leave for NZ on thursday for a week,
I am not drained, I am overwhelmingly filled with love and gratitude
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