I was awoken in the early wee hours of the morning and felt moved to climb out of bed and work more on my book… in the darkness I felt truly present… clear, awakened and purpose-full, led…

Eventually as the sun began to rise around 5 am I was was guided to head to the waters edge with my oolong tea, and ….WOW…. a beautiful rainbow appeared from over the green mountains to land directly in the water where I was headed.

It began to shower all over me. My soul opened up to receive the stillness, the blessing and I began to cry with a beautiful overwhelming sense of love and gratitude for nature, for life, for my journey..

I felt I was receiving this incredible love and energy from nature and the rising stillness of the sun at dawn, and the gorgeousness of mother earth… all the cliche’s fell away and I was just being blessed… it washed through me as clearly as the rain washed over me, my hair, my clothes, my face, I drank it all in… my pores and my cells opened to receive… it was overwhelmingly beautiful.

What came through for me to write about was how important it is for us, as women,  as healers, mothers, sages and nurturers, to receive, for we are that , the receivers, the receiving ability of consciousness.

So after I cried, I felt blissful, with the water energy washing over me, truly a miracle.

I was shaken to the very core of my being at the beauty, the bliss, the message and the feeling of just sitting and receiving the grace…

I am humbled and grateful and feel so completely loved x
Now back to work! <3