Lyza leading a meditation evening during the meditation.Steps to create & Grow Your own Healing Prayer Meditation Group;

I believe we all gain so much from gathering together in circles.

I believe that when we do we open our hearts and minds to each other to connect in our humaness and from this comes higher and higher consciousness when we are encouraged to speak from our hearts and listen openly to each other without juedgment.

I believe that when the intention of the circle is clear, eg: healing or prayers or meditating on world peace or global healing then the energy cannot fail to be of service and have an impact at a quantum energy level.

I believe that holding a circle is easy and so I have put together an example of some of the things that we do in a practical form so that anyone can copy, of course the intention or theme of the gathering is up to you, however use your time wisely, steer clear of gossip, intellectual hardlining, and focus on the warmth growing in your chests so that all the hearts in the room can combine to build the energy into a space of love, humility, compassion, healing and Peace.

A Mandala in the centre adds focus, and clarity and intention to the group intention.

A Mandala in the centre adds focus, and clarity and intention to the group intention.

1. Choose a regular evening – one night per week or month to gather for meditation, to develop a biorythmic energy that can be built on each week by those attending, It also builds the energy for you and your guides and creates a collective conscious experience that flows out into the community each week (or month)

2.Create a Mandala – Use items from nature, candles, scarves, crystals what ever you choose in the centre to add focus, clarity and sacredness to the evening.We include rocks from the Berlin Wall from when it came down after millions prayed for it to come down & it did.

3. Choose a theme in general or for each event to and let spirit move you to Gather content and teachings for the evening… let spirit move through you and your heart for the rest,

4 .Opening Prayer of Intention –We always start with a prayer for the evening, where we ask for blessings, and healings for those present, their loved ones and for divine guidance for us all,

Meditation & SELF Awareness Training with Lyza Saint Ambrosena

Meditation & SELF Awareness Training with Lyza Saint Ambrosena

5. Open the Circle – Then we open the circle with a few words from each person about the theme for the night, moving around the circle (Example: If the theme is “The Power of Prayer” each person shares about an experience where they experienced the power of prayer or a deep asking and it came to fruition. This not only opens the space, it creates a collective consciosness where everyone feels safe to share their heart, their truth, their spiritual experiences quickly and succintly without judgement,… it builds their heart energy and this is important as you are “leading & holding the heart space for others to join in ”

6. Option to have a Buddy Oracle Card Discussion: Then we all might draw an oracle card and eveyone breaks into sets of 2 (we call them buddies) to share how the oracle cards are relevent to them, and some times we pick 2 cards or more, and one card is for self and the other card is for a buddy so everyone gets to do a mini reading for their buddy on what bubbles up using intuition for each other based on the words and imagery on the oracle cards… Usually the cards are absolutely Spot on, even if there are 50 people in the room.

7. Guided Meditation: Then we do a guided meditation based on the theme – be sure to give them lots of time to slowly come back into their bodies gently and softly before talking, or before letting any of them speak… this is essential for a deepening experience for their consciousness and for building trust and energy within the group.

8. Experiential Component – We then may go into a period of time where we  learn one or 2 exercises to develop intuition, eg: healing, psychometry, etc

9. Another shorter meditation, effective but not as deep…

10 .Close the Cirlce – Finish with another go around the circle with everyone sharing what exercise or understanding they received from their meditation that has most moved them on the evening,

We always Include Prayers & Meditations for Healing the Planet and all those upon it.

We always Include Prayers & Meditations for Healing the Planet and all those upon it.

11 Closing Prayer/Intention – We always close with a prayer for healing. We begin by  visualising the planet whole, healed, blue clear oceans and water all over the world, healing and purifying all water ways and oceans , we visualise all politicial situations healed and peaceful in thought, word and deed, we visualise families, friend and all those who needed it healing & healed… its wonderful…

12.Timing – We set our time from 7pm  – 9pm  but you may want to do different times, during the day etc. Less time etc.

13. Social Time – End with some social time to enjoy friendship even beyond the purpose of the evening..