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I’ve been moved to share with you, the power of sadness, and how it’s actually such a beautiful gift, and we spend so much time running away from it.

A lot of people arrive at a healing session with me, and they’ll be crying on the way to the healing room or crying as they’re driving in the car or crying as they walk through the front door and sometimes they’re crying and saying ‘I don’t even know why I’m crying.’

Now, I know why they’re crying. It’s because they’ve been bottling it up for so long.

Sometimes when we’re crying it isn’t even our own tears, sometimes we’re crying because it’s a cement sadness, or we are around other people who are sad who aren’t expressing their sadness so it’s coming out as anger, or coming out in ways that are actually really painful to experience being around them.

So when we’re too afraid to experience our fear or too busy to experience our true mourning or sadness then it locks up this beautiful floodgate of our soul. The only way to unlock this is to let our grief flow.

And so, your homework is to have a look at anywhere in your life where you are holding onto this grief and to begin to let it free.

There are two easy ways for you to let the sadness free that anyone can do…

1. Watching a sad movie 

Sometimes it can be watching a beautiful sad movie that you know will help you to cry.  For me, a really beautiful powerful movie is My Life As A House and it stars Kevin Kline. It’s a very moving film and it really stirs up the heart helping you to experience grief or sadness, and my knowledge and awareness of finding something that let’s us cry, is that we can actually piggyback all of the other sadness onto that and it let it come out.

2. Putting on sad songs 

Songs that you know will make you cry; Walk into the sadness, wade into the sadness, knowing that you are fully loved and fully supported by grace, by God, by spirit, by the universe, by me, by your higher self, by all of your beautiful angels, and ancestors, and walk into the sadness and let yourself feel it until there’s nothing left.

Arm yourselves with a beautiful candle or a few candles. You can do it in the bath if you wish to or go for a walk on the beach, grab some tissues or a handkerchief and let yourself let it out.

Once you’re there let yourself feel inside your body what’s going on. Feel it in your chest don’t just feel the sadness from your mind feel it in your chest, in your heart and your body because this is where the real healing takes place.

And what you may find on your way through is eventually you begin to giggle or laugh or at least go in and once you’ve gone in and you start to come out the other side into what I’ll call a state of grace or a state of peace, this is where the truth begins to emerge.

Remember to let your grief flow, and I’d love to read your own experiences of releasing grief and finding Peace, below, in the comments section, I read them all personally. See you soon.

Much love to you from me

LOVE Lyza x

If you need help letting your grief go I’d love to see you for a one-on-one healing session, please contact me here and I will get back to you asap. X

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